OSIM Sundown Marathon Spotlights: Kenneth Seet

Finding strength in running – Kenneth Seet strikes the perfect balance between running and bodybuilding.


From competitive runner - to body building – and back to running again. Kenneth Seet has gone full circle as he returns to take on the sport he started off with back in his school days. A busy individual who works as a commercial head in the tech industry, he is currently on a hybrid run and strength training program working towards a full marathon running goal later in the year. Well known in the local health and wellness social media circle as a “fit dad” and highly disciplined athlete, he hits the gym or runs every morning these days – a change in routine after dabbling in bodybuilding competitions over the past years – but keeping the same consistent work ethic alive.

RUN SG: You retired from competitive running 15 years ago, how did you jump back into running sport again?

Kenneth: It all started with a personal challenge and decision to train up and race the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 10 KM road race last year. Together with that decision, and through the multiple training sessions, I somehow rediscovered my love for competitive running again. Having been exposed to competitive sports and running since a young age and my highly competitive nature, I guess the adrenaline rush of bettering my previous times pushed me to get back into the running scene to see how far I push my limits at this age!  

RUN SG: You haven’t ran competitively in more than a decade but you are clocking quite a remarkable timing for of 42 mins for 10km. How did you get back on the sport so quickly and achieving such an impressive timing?

Kenneth: I got a friend who is a running coach to design my training programme and schedule, which is personalized towards my running goals for the year. The programme was very structured and progressive, which I personally felt was important in helping me get back my run fitness and improve my running times quickly.

I definitely owe a fair bit of my performance to the strong running base I built back in my school years which allowed me to get back into shape and drop my times fairly quickly. Complementing my running program with regular strength training on a daily basis has also done wonders at this age, by strengthening my muscles and joints, and preventing injury.

RUN SG: You dabble into bodybuilding too. Is strength and conditioning (S&C) part of your training regime too? Do you think S&C is important for runners?

Kenneth: In fact, I do a strength training routine every day, for about 45 minutes, just before my core run workout. During this session I focus on working out a particular body part or area (example my legs, chest, back muscles).

I highly recommend distance runners to incorporate strength training, especially compound exercises like squats and deadlifts, into their training regime. Many fear or dread the post workout soreness, but my advice is that it will decrease gradually as your body gets used to the training load. Hybrid athletes are meant to be all rounded – which means we can squat heavy and still perform over long aerobic efforts and distances!

RUN SG: What is your typical post training regime?

Kenneth: For me – my most important post training or race routine is what I take in! so the first order of business is to eat, a lot. I have a huge post workout meal consisting of plenty of carbohydrates and protein. This helps my body recover, replenishes what I lose during the workout, and prepares me for the next training session or race ahead. Every individual is different though and you need to know what works for you best!

With my daily training schedule – delayed onset of muscle soreness can also be a show stopper or hinder my training effectiveness. To counter this, I integrate the OSIM uRoller X-Sports Vibrating Foam Roller into my recovery routine. Due to its vibrating function, the uRoller X-Sports is able to effectively relief muscle soreness faster than regular foam rollers.

Depending on the muscle groups I am working on for the day, I use the vibrating foam roller to target and knead out any tightness or knots at the speed intensity I am comfortable with. I’ve also been enjoying the stable rolling experience with its Easy-Roll feature as I don’t have to worry about it slipping during use. Love that it’s also cordless and easily rechargeable, the perfect on-the-go gym companion!

RUN SG: What is your running goal for the coming OSIM Sundown Marathon 2023?

Kenneth: I will be taking part in the 10 KM road race and it’s in the middle of a marathon training cycle (which is one of my main goals for the year), so I don't have a specific goal or timing to aim for Sundown. I just hope to run a decent time, participate in the race with friends and just soak up the atmosphere and fun!

OSIM Sundown Marathon 2023 is taking place on 20 May 2023.
For more information and race registration, visit
OSIM Sundown Marathon 2023.


OSIM Sundown Marathon injected a jolt of energy into Singapore’s running scene when it became the nation’s first night marathon in 2008, and the event hasn’t looked back since. From a humble attendance of just over 6,000 in the first year, registration is expected to reach 35,000 in 2018, making us Asia’s largest night marathon once again.



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