OSIM Sundown Marathon Spotlights: Natalie Dau

Chasing goals and challenging personal limits with successful entrepreneur and “supermom” Natalie Dau.


Natalie Dau needs no introduction in the local sports and fitness circuit. Founder of the highly successful Rockstar Fit App and an ASICS sponsored athlete and ambassador for many multinational brands, she can usually be found traveling the world to create content, host events or work on lifestyle projects. In her spare time, she is also an avid and accomplished endurance athlete having won multiple 100km Ultra Races, represented Asia at Spartan Race World Championships and is a regular podium-placed athlete in sporting events - most notably the recent 200km Titi Ultra 2023 in Malaysia.

She is also a Qualified Personal Trainer, and has accreditation in Sports Nutrition.

RUN SG: You ran your last OSIM Sundown Marathon in 2019, how was your experience in the last OSIM Sundown Marathon? 

Natalie: I had lots of fun at the 2019 edition of the OSIM Sundown Marathon – it was definitely my first time competing in a night race and it was a great experience with an electric atmosphere and lots of good fun during the race.

RUN SG: You are an avid endurance athlete, what will be your top 3 best advice on how to train right for a night race? Is it necessary to shift your training time to the night to prepare well for a night race? 

Natalie: My three tips for all runners gearing up for the OSIM Sundown Marathon (or any endurance race in particularly actually) would be:

Tip 1
Training quality should stay similar to how you would prepare for any other endurance race – ensure you get a proper training block in with each session having a specific goal and purpose to it - get quality training locked in no matter what time of the day you do it!

Tip 2
Don’t leave it until race day to try something new with respect to race nutrition! With the time of race being late at night, how your body responds to nutrition might defer so I strongly suggest trying and practicing fueling routines in race time specific training sessions.

Tip 3
Sleep and rest will be key in the lead up to the race so ensure you get some early nights before the big day so you hit the start line fresh and not falter in the wee hours of the race due to sleep debt and accumulated fatigue.

RUN SG: What is your best recovery remedy for post training and post-race days?

Natalie: Remember to take time out to be kind to your body and let it recovery properly. Endurance sports can take a huge toll on the body with the constant loading and stresses imposed. So, a proper recovery routine would encompass everything from hydrating well, incorporating a healthy post training or race meal and also being diligent in stretching or rolling out any sore spots to avoid injury in the long run. I personally use the OSIM uRoller X-Sports Vibrating Foam Roller for my post training or race days.

The PowerVibrate feature which can be adjusted across 5 speeds up to 3,200 rpm combined with the knobs and ridges on the uRoller X-sports is exceptionally useful in helping to knead and stretch out the various muscle layers that I might not be able to target with a conventional roller, helping me quickly relieve any post-workout muscle soreness. I also appreciate the hand grip features that stabilize the roller in place so I can focus on different muscle groups across the whole body without the roller slipping from beneath me.

RUN SG: A night race is different from a day race. How do you prepare for a night race? Do you have a different approach and preparation for a night race compared to your regular day races?  

Natalie: I am more of an early bird, preferring to run in the morning for my training sessions. So, coming closer to race day I would definitely make the effort to schedule in a few evenings or night runs to allow the body to adapt. In addition, on race day I will focus on planning my meal timings in such a way that I have enough energy but not consume too much food across the day that it makes me sluggish during the run. The same goes with my hydration routine – I will start a few days out so I don’t “cram” this it in on race day and end up with stitches or cramps.

RUN SG: What will be your race goal for the coming OSIM Sundown Marathon 2023? 

Natalie: I am excited to connect with the Singapore running community and enjoy the run with friends both new and old. I don’t think a personal best is on the cards for this race - but I will of course be giving it everything I have and leaving it all on the race course!

OSIM Sundown Marathon 2023 is taking place on 20 May 2023.
For more information and race registration, visit
OSIM Sundown Marathon 2023.


OSIM Sundown Marathon injected a jolt of energy into Singapore’s running scene when it became the nation’s first night marathon in 2008, and the event hasn’t looked back since. From a humble attendance of just over 6,000 in the first year, registration is expected to reach 35,000 in 2018, making us Asia’s largest night marathon once again.


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