Polar Launches Next Generation Sensor: Verity Sense

The ultra-compact Polar Verity Sense is an athlete’s companion to track and measure performance.


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As the global leader in heart rate measurement technology, Polar launches the latest addition to its optical heart rate sensor family, Polar Verity Sense. The Polar Verity Sense stands out from its predecessors through the ability to measure heart rate from the arm or temple. This opens more possibilities for sports or activities that require more versatility beyond chest straps or wrist-based devices. The watch also offers more power, longer range and greater memory.

From swimming, martial arts, boxing and dancing and more, Verity Sense is meant for athletes looking to measure their heart rate to accurately track their data and progress, as well as to ensure a safe and well-rounded work out. The watch boasts accuracy and precision in measurement while training.

Polar CEO Tomi Saario says: “From our unique vantage point at the top of the world near the Arctic Circle, we know how important it is to be able to adapt to different environments. Where a chest strap or fitness watch works well for one sport or activity, it might not work for another – and the Verity Sense is our answer to this. We’re always looking for new ways to help athletes of all sports better understand their bodies, and we’re so excited to bring a product as versatile and compact as Verity Sense to the masses.”

Verity Sense is versatile in many aspects: adjustable design, compatibility with a wide variety of products. Here are the key aspects of Verity Sense:

COMFORT: It can be slipped around the arm, clipped on swimming goggles, or placed anywhere snugly and firmly against the skin under tight-fitting clothing.

CONVENIENCE: Easy to use, with the press of only one button

CONNECTIVITY: Pairs easily with Dual Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity

VARIETY: Suits countless sports, enabling every day to elite athletes to track how their body is working while training

SWIMMER'S BEST COMPANION: With the swimming goggle strap clip against the temple, Polar Verity Sense tracks heart rate, distance, and pace – automatically in the pool

NEWEST PRODUCT FAMILY MEMBER: Verity Sense is an evolution from the Polar OH1 and H10 heart rate sensors:

8-hour longer battery life on a single charge (20 hours of training)

75 meters wider Bluetooth range with omnidirectional antenna (150 meters in total)

12 MB bigger memory (16 MB in total, 600 hours of training data)

The Polar Verity Sense is available at https://www.polar.com/sg-en


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