Ready, Set, Glow!

The Skechers Blacklight Run was a little bit of fun for those who love to run over the Halloween weekend.


Words Sophia Lee

The Skechers Blacklight Run lit up the Palawan Green over the weekend, with runners of all ages sporting neon colours at Singapore’s second running of the event.


The event delivered on its promise of an event full of hype, electric DJ sets and of course, an extremely colourful 5km route where participants were peppered and showered with Glow Powder as they ran alongside friends and family long after the sun had set.

The event, well-organised, truly inspired energy; the main open space held a large stage setup where neon lights and electronica pulsed in beat with each other, and several booths were set up serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as food fit for kings.

The starting area was full of energy and shouts of excitement as the hype crew tossed out glow sticks to runners eager to begin the fun. Participants were flagged off in batches to prevent bottlenecks, beginning with the VIP contingent led by race ambassador Joshua Tan from Ah Boys to Men.


VIP and Superstar runners were given more exclusivity throughout the event; they rubbed shoulders with celebrities, enjoyed photo ops and even got to bring home a pair of Skechers with glow-in-the-dark laces. Others were content to simply be with their friends and family, including parents who brought their kids along for the ride, making it a one-of-a-kind family and lifestyle event.

Along the route, event staff and crew members stood ready with fistfuls of Glow Powder – one of the main highlights many runners were looking forward to, regardless of whether you were trying to run the entire route or simply preferred to walk.


It didn’t matter if the powder got onto their shirts or right up in their faces in the end – participants enjoyed every moment of it and exchanged enthusiastic high fives with runners on the other side of the track at every turn with shouts of encouragement and laughter. Runners were also well taken care of and adequately hydrated along the route as event staff handed out cans of Lucozade to the thirsty, providing that extra burst of energy to keep endurance levels up.

At the end of the run, participants were greeted with cheers and awarded medals and Glow Packs to commemorate their accomplishment.

Glowing foam sticks were handed out, along with cans of sparkling Ribena and good cheer. The after-party promptly went into full swing, with headliner DJ Lady Punch from Thailand taking things to the next level alongside Malaysian DJ Hypeembeats and Singapore’s very own DJ Momo, delivering mix after mix of familiar pop hits and energising the crowd.


With fireworks lighting up the sky, participants danced and jumped before the stage, almost as if the run hadn’t exhausted them at all, while Glow Powder streaked through the air. It was a sight not to be missed: the memorable face of Blacklight Run at its best, thriving with youth, friendship, and good music into the late hours of the night.


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