Revolutionize Your Running Experience with Sony’s Float Run

Sony's latest innovation in headphones is light-weight with an off-ear design that promises to be the perfect outdoor companion for runners.


Running headphones have been a trending product in the local scene especially with the rapidly growing number of sports enthusiasts. Within months of the first wave of sports headphones from international brands reaching local shores, we saw a large mix of bone conduction and earbuds (in-ear and over) products emerging in stores and online platforms – each offering their own unique set of pros and cons.

Choosing a pair of sports earphones can be a delicate process – there are many variables you may want to consider. On the top of the list being comfort (no pressure in the ears, stuffiness, or unwanted vibration), fit (secure even through motion), music quality and product durability (element and drop proof). With every individual’s head profile and ear shape differing, it does take a certain level of customization especially for in/over ear headphones to ensure a good fit and their drastic lack of ambient awareness can also prove to be a safety issue for the outdoors.

This season, Sony has announced a new model of headphones designed with runners in mind. The Sony Float Run is an off-ear headphone that positions the speaker near, but without touching the ear canal, leaving the ear safely uncovered while still delivering a rich sound experience when listening to your workout beats.

The Float Run headphones were designed to offer a comfortable and stable fit no matter how the user moves and were tested on a wide range of head shapes and hairstyles along with common running accessories such as hats and sunglasses. The flexible neckband design conforms to the user profile and does not slip when in motion. Discomfort on the ears over prolonged periods are a common pain point and the pressure-free design that sits off the ears help resolve this, so runners no longer need to worry about sweat or chafing getting in the way of their workout

Packed into the light-weight design - just 33g - are a proper sound unit consisting of 16mm drivers and precise tuning to ensure there is no compromise on sound quality even with the off-ear style. Aside from training, the high quality built-in microphone and carrying pouch with charging cable (USB-C) also makes it ideal for daily productivity tasks.

The Float Run is the perfect outdoor companion regardless of the weather thanks to its IPX4 water resistant rating and long battery life of up to 10 hours playtime at full charge (it even comes with a quick charge option for those who tend to forget – 10 minutes gives you an hour of playtime – enough to last a training session). The user will also be fully aware of his/her surroundings as the music mixes naturally with the ambient sound so you can focus on nailing that workout.

The product was officially launched after receiving strong reception from crowdfunding – and we’re excited to see how this novel design will shape up the running scene!

Experience the Sony Float Run headphones for a retail price of S$199 (inclusive of GST) from selected retail shops or Sony's online store. Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount by using promo code FLOATRUN10 when purchasing from Sony Store Online!


With the perfect combination of Noise Cancelling, Water Resistance and Smart Features, Sony’s range of truly wireless sports headphones can help any athlete stay focused on their goals and motivated during their workout.


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