Run For Raisin

Organised by TOUCH Young Arrows, the event aims to help needy and disadvantaged children from low-income and single parent families.


How sweet is the taste of running for charity?

Here’s a fun pun: Run & Raisin’ is very similar to the ice cream flavour Rum and Raisin, which is probably why the race organisers decided to name it as such.

TOUCH Young Arrows, a subset of TOUCH Community Services, has organised Run & Raisin’ in a bid to help some 580 needy and disadvantaged children aged six to 12 who are from low-income and/or single-parent families across 24 TYA Clubs in Singapore.

The event will be held over a period of two days: on 4-5 November over the weekend. The public can come in to enjoy the carnival happening, which features plenty of family-friendly activities. Highlights of the event include carnival rides, telematch games, merchandise sales and workshops.

On Sunday, Run & Raisin’ will commence. The run will comprise of three categories, the 10km Competitive Run, the 5km Fun Run, and finally the 500m Family Run. All three runs will run along the city and participants will be treated to a lovely view of the city in the early morning.

The event is aiming to raise S$250,000 to channel towards community programmes and services with the goal to help the TOUCH Community Services beneficiaries, and you can tell that the programmes have done wonders. One amazing story as shared was the story of Jason Lum, a 38-year-old who has been a regular volunteer at Run & Raisin’ for the last four years.

As a latchkey child who was solely raised by his grandmother, his loneliness made him miserable. To make things worse, Jason was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of nine, with a small chance of survival. As a beneficiary of the non-profit organisation, Jason and his family were able to rally around and Jason’s biggest support came from the organisation and the friends he made through these programmes, helping him through challenges through life.

He has not forgotten the help, and today he continues to keep TOUCH Young Arrows in his heart, returning to mentor other beneficiaries in his hope to make sure others benefit like he did. In this case, he has been one of the biggest supporters of  Run & Raisin’ and helps to organise and keep the event going.

The Run & Raisin’ event will be a great way to help children, and if you were to join a charitable event, consider this on your line.

The Run & Raisin’ event will be happening on the 4-5th November at the Singapore Sports Hub, OCBC Square. To register, join here.


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