Running and Injuries

How to run without pain and injuries


When I first started running two years ago, I was overwhelmed by the avalanche of information readily available from magazines, the Internet, and from friends. Many gave me their advice in good faith, even when they are not runners!

Some would say running is bad for the knees, while some warned me about the risk of getting a heart attack while running a marathon. I decided to take the guesswork out and seek professional advice instead.

I first went to see physiotherapist Gino Ng at Sports Solutions back in November 2014, two weeks before the Standard Chartered Half Marathon. I was experiencing pain on my left Achilles tendon and I thought there was no way I could run for a few weeks, let alone complete 21km. I was secretly hoping for a legit reason to bail but Gino said I could run.

He used kinesiology tape on my strained leg, taught me some conditioning exercises to do at home and gave me the ok to run. The pain was gone and I completed the race.

When it was time to attempt my first marathon in Tokyo after 10 months as a rookie runner, I naturally went to Gino to have my knees checked to make sure that I was going to be alright. I completed my first marathon without any knee pain or injuries, and actually explored Tokyo and visited Disneyland the next few days too.

I recently caught up with Gino again to have a general assessment done before my second marathon in Gold Coast. I was experiencing some knee pains and it turned out that my glutes were not strong enough. Gino taught me to do the lateral leg raise and voila, no knee pain even after running 42.195km! I even went sky diving the next day after Gold Coast Marathon!

I was inspired to write about how he helped me to run without pain and injuries. Check back soon when I have transcribed my chat with physiotherapist Gino, he has plenty of useful, practical advice to offer leisure runners!


Once known for her work and style as a marketing and public relations professional, Marie Choo (@mariechoo) is known to many as The Dog Alchemist these days, after giving up her career in the corporate world to become a dog behaviourist and trainer. She has also transformed herself into an ultra-trail runner who runs distances of 100km and more to raise funds and awareness for animal shelters in Singapore through her charity outreach, I RUN FOR RESCUE DOGS. As an avid photographer using her phone cam, she loves taking pics of nature when she is out hiking on trails and urban landscapes. When time permits, this multi-hyphenate also goes on adventure holidays to explore mountains and caves.



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