Running can be Painless with Runity

The new Runity Conditioning Course is coming up at the end of April, and it’s a further extension of the original program.


It’s been a couple of months since picking up the Runity program, and while busy schedules mean that we don’t have as much mileage under our feet as we would like, the important thing here is that we maintain the recently-acquired,  improved running form until it becomes a habit that happens with every step.

Runity has also picked up an evolution along the way, based on feedback from participants. The new Runity Conditioning Course is coming up at the end of April, and it’s a further extension of the original program.

The new workshop is based on movement and the learning of personalised conditioning exercises that can be applied to runners. Besides running enthusiasts and people that want to progress beyond the beginner stage, this program is also very useful for coaches that incorporate movement training into their sport.

Consisting of a Movement Module and Running Module that are complementary to each other, and a Running Fundamentals E-learning module, the Runity Painless Running Course is designed to help you develop a running form that is highly efficient and tailored to your specific body type.

The Movement Module incorporates a full movement screening for each participant to identify your body’s weaknesses in movement range, and then drawing on efficient movement principles, conditioning exercises are taught to help you overcome the weak spots and allow you to develop as a better runner.

Pylometric drills to improve connective tissue energy storage and recoil are also taught, allowing you to better harness the power of your muscles.

An expansion of the original video running gait analysis, the Running Module will be of interest to all runners that want to learn how to move in the most efficient manner possible. The trainers will analyse each individual and then dive into a detailed investigation of every aspect of your gait.

Rather than working against you, this process allows for a proper individualised technique re-training that can be the key to improve your efficiency and safety as a runner. Learn how dramatic changes can be created in minutes, as we experienced with the original Runity program here .

For the real anoraks that must know everything about their running styles from start to finish, the Runity Fundamentals online course will give you a deep insight into the whys and hows of everything about muscle movement and how it relates to runners as well as other sports. The full course will include two face-to-face modules for 20 hours of contact time and unfettered access to a wealth of exclusive study material.

You’ll find 95 video instructional exercises in the exclusive library, and quizzes, guides for coaches, slides for printing, scientific papers and more. It’s a collection of knowledge that is specific to your needs, so you won’t waste your energies running into irrelevant information on the internet.
For more information, please go here to read up!

You can sign up for the individual modules, or join the full Runity Painless Running Course that's held on the 25-27th May 2018 (Fri PM, Sat-Sun), and save 30 percent off the individual price.


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