Running Onward: Progressing Even in Uncertainty

With Covid-19 still a great concern, Run Singapore is organizing a webinar with Run Crew on how one can continue to run onward.


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Running can be a lonely sport, especially in this period where we should keep to our neighborhoods and can only meet up in a small group. Gone are the days of mass running events and large group training, at least for now. This can be especially true for virtual runs where most are done alone at one’s own pacing and convenience. 

With their Maju Lah! Virtual Run 2020, Run Crew is switching up the game for virtual runs. Spanning over 55 days and highlighting consistent effort and regular training, their virtual run is unlike any other. Moreover, the inclusion of a leader-board allows runners to check on each other’s performance or to see where they fare among the pool of participants. 

Together with Run Singapore, Run Crew is organizing a webinar to share more about their intentions behind the Maju Lah! Virtual Run 2020, to raise morale and to connect runners together in this time of social distancing. With interviews from the run’s headliners, sharing sessions and a QnA, the talk is bound to get interesting. 

Join us whether you signed up for Maju Lah! Virtual Run 2020 or not! For participants, you can look to hear from the crew that brought you the run, hear and connect to other runners and more. For non-participants, you can gather motivation from other runners, hear about a unique run and meet people in the running community. After all, it’s not too late to be part of this very special run and we may be making it easier for you to join us! 

All participants of the talk will receive a complimentary issue of Run Singapore’s Jun/Jul issue, our tech issue. This will be no doubt beneficial to you if you were thinking of upping your game or even find something new to spice up your run and achieve a new personal best! 

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Also check out Run Crew’s Sunset challenge here, which is open to everyone for a fun spin to your evening runs. 

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