Scaling New Peaks

Veteran mountaineer Jeremy Tong pushes the limit with the GOrun trail series - find out what his thoughts are!


About Jeremy Tong

Summiting the famed Mount Everest (8848m) – the highest mountain in the world - is a bucket list and far-fetched dream for many but Jeremy Tong has done it not once, but twice! A climber, motivational speaker, educator and soon-to-be author, who has been climbing since 2004, his passion for mountaineering and trekking started at a tender age of 14 years old and has led him to summit a total of 48 mountains and numerous expeditions to the far reaches of the globe in South America, Central & Southeast Asia, Nepal and China to name a few.

Aside from being an inspiring climber who has been covered in numerous media outlets, Jeremy also leads aspiring individuals and groups on trekking expeditions as an expedition leader and is also a motivational keynote speaker and corporate facilitator. Through his numerous experiences leading high-risk and adrenaline filled expeditions around the globe, he is able to draw out key learning outcomes that range across leadership, decision-making, change management that are relevant and widely applicable to the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world we all currently live in and actively share this knowledge with tertiary institutions and companies though his company JTRACE which he co-founded in 2018.

We managed to catch Jeremy for a quick chat on his footwear choices:

What will be your advice for someone who is looking to purchase their first trail shoes? 

The fit should be spot on! definitely make sure that the toe box is comfortable and has sufficient space. The fitting should be snug but not too tight to cater for the feet swelling and expanding over long durations of wear and go for something with good grip like minimalist shoes that offers great rubber compound soles that provides added durability and traction.

How does trail shoes differs from other sports shoes? Does one really need to invest in a good trail shoes to run trail or trek?

Yes – getting a trail specific shoe makes a big difference especially if you’ll be regularly training and racing in them. Normal sports or running shoes are usually lightweight, low-cut and not waterproof.  In my opinion, having a trail shoe can make or break your expedition or race. I usually spend about 6 to 9 active hours a day on a trek in the tropical mountains, alpine environment or Himalayan trail and find it so important to have a comfortable and stable pair of footwear to support my feet for those extended hours.

You tried on the latest Skechers GOrun Trail Altitude. Care to share your personal reviews on the shoes?

One cool thing about the shoes that caught my attention when I first wore them was that they had an added support on the heel for enhanced comfort and stability. This was my first-time using a Skechers shoe and I thought this was something unique. It felt very comfortable especially when I put It through its paces during a short hike to Sembawang Park.

As an experience trail runner/trekker, who do you think the Skechers GOrun Trail Altitude will be ideal for? i.e. for race, training or both and why?

The GOrun Trail Altitude will be great for beginner trail runners and trekkers who are keen to get started in the scene but not break the bank on a trail shoe – you get good value and performance for your buck!

Priced from $119, the new Skechers GOrun Trail collection is available now at selected Skechers concept stores and online.


Skechers designs and develops lifestyle and performance product known for style, innovation, quality and comfort. Along with its diverse footwear offering, Skecher's head-to-toe collections for men, women and kids include a growing range of apparel and accessories.



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