Simone Davis’ Positive Outreach

Simone Davis runs in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation.


Photo Lionel Kong

For avid runner Simone Davis, her mother’s experience with cancer made her realise that the support of organisations like the Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore made a huge difference in the lives of people affected by, or dealing with the disease. She was so moved that she decided to help out by conducting yoga classes for women at the BCF.

She tells us, “It’s probably one of the scariest moments in my life when I was informed that my mother had cancer. I’m glad though that she is a strong willed person and had a positive outlook when she was diagnosed. The positivity gave the rest of the family strength and we were better able to lend emotional support. Nonetheless, it was very challenging to see my mother go through all the physical changes during the time she had cancer and the chemotherapy was particularly challenging due to the hair loss and fatigue my mother endured.”

Thankfully, early detection helped with a successful recovery, and Simone adds, “Since my mother’s recovery I find it extremely difficult to be so far away from her, but I’m comforted by knowing my siblings are close by to support. We often take for granted that our mother will be with us forever and this situation has taught us to appreciate the small things in life, along with good health, without a focus on materialistic gratification.”

Simone is a regular with her running group, the Running Department, and she also volunteers as a yoga instructor with the BCF once a week. Last year, she took part in her first 5km Pink Ribbon Run, where she ran with her yoga students who are all breast cancer survivors. You can expect to see her again at the 2019 edition of the Pink Ribbon Run, which also features a 3.5km walk category for non-runners.

She says, “You feel the empowerment in the air, as we are all fighting together in a show of support against cancer.”

Today, breast cancer is the No. 1 cancer for women in Singapore and accounts for almost a third of all cancers diagnosed here. The Pink Ribbon Walk and Run is an annual affair organised to morally support those whose lives are affected by the disease, and it continues to raise greater awareness about breast cancer and encourage women to take charge of their breast health.

Find out more, and sign up for the Pink Ribbon Run at


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