Size DOES Matter: How To Find A Good Sports Bra

A good sports bra is always needed for those who want that extra support and insurance. But what kind is good for you?


When you’re working out, a good sports bra is always needed for those who want that extra support and insurance. But what kind is good for you? The choices are limitless and yet constrained. Does the bra actually support your cleavage?

With modern fast fashion houses such as Cotton On and H&M throwing their hat into the sports apparel ring, more options are available but many of them focus on trendy colours, are made with cheaper fabrics, and are aimed at people who engage in low-impact sports. So how and where can you pick out a good sports bra?

For most beginners who don’t know much about getting a bra, but know you will be doing things that involve running, jogging, or jumping,  we would recommend going first to a bra shop to get yourself measured. It may seem like a daunting task, especially for those who are self-conscious about their chest sizes and have not bought a bra for ages, but getting measured is just a step, and there are always retail people and experts trained in this to help you measure and figure out your sizing.

For those who worry about having a chest size that may seem larger than average and not being able to get a bra as a result, don’t worry. Breasts come in different shapes and forms and sometimes it depends highly on the cutting of the bra in question.

Then it comes to how to pick the right bra. In fast-fashion houses, sports bras tend to run along the lines S, M, L and if you’re lucky, XL. These stores usually have bras that can be stretched over your head and has no clasp in the back and also comes with extra padding and cups that are removable. These can do well for low impact sports but not for much else.  Not only that, these soft shell bras are good for women with smaller cup sizes, but might not be good for those starting from a C cup.

Sports houses will have a better range of bras that will fit your needs but it helps to do your research first before going down to the store. Running counts as a high impact sport as it involves a lot of your chest moving in different directions when you run so a sports bra that helps to lift and separate your breasts in different cups would be good.

Also, looking for a bra with a racer back and clasps at the back will be a bonus, as that style usually offers the most support. Most bras nowadays also offer cute cut-outs styles at the back but they have to be strong enough for good support, and the bands, along with the bra cups are the places to focus on when looking for a good bra.

How do you know whether the bra you want is good? Hold the top of one of the straps and the centre of the cup on the same size and stretch: The lesser the give, the more they will reduce the breast movement.  Do the same with the bra cups, and make sure the breasts do not spill out when you wear it. Pull out the band under the bra to make sure it doesn’t go further than an inch.

If your sports bra fits most of the requirements you are looking for, then have fun buying them in the shops!


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