Sony MDR-XB70BT Bluetooth earphones

Connect to the wireless Sony MDR-XB70BT


Words Christine Foong

The Sony MDR-XB70BT is a wireless, Bluetooth enabled headphone that connects to your smartphone or tablets. It comes in at a time when this market segment is quickly filling up with similar products, so what does the Sony bring to the table?

Getting it to pair with a mobile device is a quick and reasonably easy. The user simply needs to open the Bluetooth option from the mobile device and it will connect to the headphones. As with practically all similar units these days, the Sony has in-line buttons to control the volume and Bluetooth functionality.

The trouble with noise blocking headsets these days is that there are no one size fits all solution to the whole thing. It’s not just about the size of the earpieces, but also the amount of external noise reduction that is appropriate for the situation.

You would want to block out all noise when you’re riding on public transport, but if you’re running along the streets in public, some ambient noise would be safe and helpful. The Sony headset is somewhere in between, and is quite acceptable for our tastes. Your mileage may vary depending on personal preference though.

The actual audio has a pronounced bass emphasis that highlights the thump of electronic dance music and the punch of kick drums in rock music, so it’ll help you get in the groove if your music tempo happens to match your workout pace or speed.


The neckband that is meant to wrap behind and rest on the neck might seem a little superfluous, but it actually has a purpose. The mass and material of the neckband keeps the device reasonably secure on you, and will not bounce off at speeds of up to a mid-paced run. It also dampens cable rub noise quite effectively.

When not in use, the neckband can be coiled quite tightly to be packed away into a small package. It doesn’t reinvent anything, but it’s a competent and user friendly device with some versatility.

We won’t be trying to wear it for speed work or HIIT sessions, but it’s versatile and useful in many other ways.


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