Stay Cool to Perform Better


In sunny Singapore, we are constantly lit. Well, fired up is more of a better description as we always go for our running goals at 100 per cent. But, we are constantly being bogged down by the hot weather and high humidity levels here.

Running can be a tedious task when you have to battle the heat and what seems to be a wall of invisible water weighing you down. Fortunately, innovations such as Under Amour’s CoolSwitch technology can help.


If you take a closer look at any CoolSwitch garment, you’ll notice a patterned print that resembles ice crystals. It’s more than just decorative; the pattern cools you down in three ways. It pulls heat away from your body, delivers a cool sensation on your skin and wicks perspiration to keep you light and dry.


So whether you’re gunning for your personal best at a race or doing circuits at the track, CoolSwitch cools your body and skin so that you can perform, even beyond 100 per cent, longer.

Under Armour’s CoolSwitch technology can be found imbued in tops, bottoms, accessories (caps, headbands, and calf sleeves) and compression wear. Check out the collection here (points to


Since 1996, Under Armour has been empowering sportsmen to outperform themselves. Apart from innovative sports gear, Under Armour has also put together competitions and programmes such Test of Will and community runs to help you achieve your athletic best. Sign up for free workout sessions and runs via

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