Supplementing Right

Find out more about the use of supplements for training from Coach David Shum’s perspectives and his key advice for runners who plan to start integrating this into their training.


With over 15 years of dedicated experience as a running coach and sports therapist, Coach David Shum is well-known in the local running scene as a guiding force for both elite and recreational athletes. His expertise has assisted numerous sports enthusiasts in reaching their full potential, both physically and mentally. In 2022, Coach Shum played a pivotal role in the establishment of Team SGRC Hustlers, a dynamic collective of runners affiliated with the Singapore Runners Club (SGRC). Under his tutelage, members of the team are currently benefiting from a diverse range of meticulously tailored training regimens strategically designed to optimize their performance in a variety of races, both domestically and internationally.

RUN SG: As an avid runner and coach, do you take any supplements?

David: Yes, I do take supplements. My current routine involves consuming daily doses of multivitamins to help with my training and overall well-being.

RUN SG: Do you think supplementation is essential to runners? If yes, why? 

David: As an avid runner and coach, I do believe that supplements are essential to runners as it will assist the athlete both during training and during the recovery process after. Supplements help provide runners with fuel before the activity, keeping us hydrated during the run itself and acting as an extra energy boost.

In my opinion, when selecting the appropriate supplements, I usually look out for four key points: The supplement’s purpose, ingredients, nutrient profile and lastly safety. With this information, the athlete will be able to match it to the particular event he/she is training for and the nutritional needs needed across the duration. Running is one of many activities that demands a large call-out of energy and strength, especially so when a runner trains up for a specific race and looks to compete or go for a good timing.

RUN SG: You have tried the Xandro Performance Kit supplements. The pack includes supplements that are good for recovery, boost performance and help maintain good bone health. Based on your knowledge, how should these supplements be included in a typical runner’s daily regime?

David: The Xandro Performance Kit is a comprehensive package formulated to bolster fitness training and facilitate swift recovery for both fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Consisting of three key products - Calcium AKG, Pure NMN Powder, and Magnesium Glycinate, the kit is engineered to enhance muscle strength and elevate energy levels before engaging in physical activities.

It has greatly aided my overall well-being such as elevated energy levels and I am able to sustain my work as a sports therapist and coach as well as an athlete myself which requires massive usage of strength and energy. I also noted that the Magnesium Glycinate improved my sleep patterns greatly – something I was struggling with previously. These supplements also help to support me as a runner by promoting endurance and vigour during my workouts. In addition, the Xandro Performance kit facilitates the recovery of fatigued muscles post-activity, aiding in the restoration of muscle function and reducing the effects of exercise-induced fatigue.

Armed with Coach David Shum's insights into the efficacy of supplements in enhancing running training and recovery, it is imperative that athletes and enthusiasts alike internalize this knowledge for future training or races. By recognizing the potential benefits of specific supplements in augmenting endurance, strength, and post-run recuperation, individuals can harness these tools to optimize their overall well-being and performance, paving the way for even greater achievements in running.

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