Take a Stand for Mental Health with The Limitless Run

Mental well-being has been increasingly important in today’s society, especially in the current COVID-19 situation.


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COVID-19 has led to the development of measures such as lockdowns globally and stay at home advisories. Being cooped up at home, especially in a non-conducive environment, can affect one’s mental health negatively.

Due to Covid-19 and the ongoing uncertainty, there has been a huge increase in youths seeking help and sadly many of their existing beneficiaries are struggling more than ever before. Suicide prevention agency Samaritans of Singapore recently reported that the number of suicides among youths in their 20's are the highest compared to other age groups. SoS cited client issues regarding romantic relationships, struggles managing challenging situations, and more. Additionally, the current ban on mass public events affects the fundraising efforts that help raise needed funds for beneficiaries.

As such, Limitless is organizing The Limitless Run 2020 as part of their fundraising efforts, as well as to raise awareness about youth mental health issues. The 5 KM run will take place virtually during October, Mental Health Awareness Month, from 3rd October to 10th October. Participants will be highly encouraged to either live stream or video record their run, as well as upload it to their social media channels.

They will also be encouraged to share Limitless’ giving.sg campaign in support of The Limitless Run 2020, where their friends and family members can opt to donate to Limitless. All amassed amounts of funds will go to Limitless (Ltd.).

More than a run

After the race, participants will join a Zoom webinar/online panel to learn more about mental health, where participants’ questions will be answered by the Limitless Team. The team will also be hosting Masterclass sessions with topics like  “Mental Health Crisis Management”, “Raising a Mentally Resilient Child” , “Helping/ Supporting a Friend”. This is a good chance to learn more about mental health if you are relatively new to this subject matter. These sessions will undoubtedly be beneficial information for you.

More information and signup here.

More about Limitless

Limitless is a nonprofit based in Singapore, that works with youths aged 12 - 25. It was founded with the vision of building hope, empowering the next generation to live purpose driven lives, and to fulfill their potential in life.

With the aim to end powerlessness in youth caused by mental illness, poverty, and social exclusion, Limitless works primarily with young people who struggle with mental health issues. Providing subsidised or pro bono counselling, therapy, and casework for youths who struggle with existing diagnosis, or pre-diagnosed mental health issues. Limitless also actively advocates for youth mental health, through public education programs like it’s “It’s OK to be Not OK Campaign”, and it’s “I AM_ Campaign”, and works actively with schools to promote mental wellness in youth.



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