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Designed by a Japanese chiropractor in the 1980s, Nitto is the pioneer in manufacturing Kinesiology Tape.

Usually made from thin, stretchy cotton strip with an adhesive on one side, Kinesiology Tape, unlike most other tapes, is highly stretchable longitudinally and breathable thanks to its wave-like patterns. Users can wear them for approximately three to four days before they require replacing. A common sight on athletes in recent years, Kinesiology Tape has almost become a necessity for high-performance athletes regardless of sport.

It has been widely used in recent years and can be applied in the middle of workouts, in the case of sudden injury and during rehabilitation. Kinesiology Tape covers a wide variety of uses: from musculoskeletal, inflammatory conditions, body alignment, sports injuries and even injury prevention for both high-performance athletes as well as the latter.

Kinesiology Tape promotes our body’s natural healing process and helps to mitigate discomfort by facilitating lymphatic drainage through microscopic lifting of the skin. It’s basically increasing the gap between the dermis layer of the skin and the muscle.

When the skin is lifted, it creates an increased interstitial space that reduces the pressure and enables a more effective flow of blood and lymphatic fluid from the targeted area, in turn allowing the inflammation to subside.

Depending on each athletes’ needs, certified physiologists will assess the best application and other treatments, if necessary. Different tension strengths and techniques will be used by taping practitioners to ensure targeted muscles and ligaments are stable to prevent further damages.

Kinesiology Tape can be applied in hundreds of ways and is capable of re-educating the neuromuscular system, and promote good circulation and healing. It may look like a simple procedure, but there are several different combinations of tape and tension strengths that would require a trained taping practitioner.

Why NTape?

nitto 2Gentle to the skin, durable and waterproof, Nitto’s NTape lasts up to seven days and can even be used while swimming. The new Stratagel technology with Stratum Corneum protection allows the tape to have excellent elasticity and also conform closely to the skin without relying on strong adhesives. This makes tape removal a painless procedure, and definitely does not pull away the top layer of your skin or leave adhesive residue on you either.

Ensure a more enjoyable sporting experience with Nitto Kinesiology Tape!

Get Nitto Kinesiology NTape at:
Arcade Sports, Queensway Shopping Centre,
1 Queensway,
Singapore 149053

Online at the following:



Also, learn more at the NTAPE BASIC COURSE! The four-hour session costsS$50 per person and includes one roll of NTAPE (worth S$30) and participation certificate.

Register through the link below:


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