Telic Recovery Sandals

The newly introduced Telic sandals are being promoted as a recovery sandals for runners.


First impressions of the American-made Telic sandals don’t really say much. Looking very similar to other mainstream, synthetic foam based footwear, the Telics have just been introduced into Singapore, and are being promoted as recovery sandals for runners.


Each sandal is formed as a single component with no joints. Made in America from Novalon, an elasto-polymer material that is lightweight yet durable, the sandal incorporates many features that make them much more comfortable than the competition. The sole is shaped to be highly supportive and follow the shape of your own feet, softening slightly with body heat to conform to each individual’s foot.

This doesn’t mean that it will flatten out with use though. The foam exhibits plenty of rebound on the lower sections, and retains its support very well even after standing and walking for a few hours.

The well-shaped medial arch support works well too, offloading pressure from the ball of the foot for a very even weight distribution.


What’s interesting is that the sandal seems to fit around the foot like a glove, but is neither overly tight or uncomfortable. The deep heel cup and wide, soft side traps do a great job of keeping the sandal on your foot, so even when you’re walking fast it never ever feels like it’s going to be flung off, and the heel stays close, so it never slaps the floor either.

How will runners benefit from it? The heel and forefoot rocker gives the sand an interesting feel that takes pressure off the usual hotspots, and allows for a very even weight distribution. The textured surface provides a level of passive massage to your foot as well, and we noted that the Novalon material is a study of contrasts. It’s soft but durable, grippy but doesn’t chafe, light but dense.

The sole’s traction is excellent across many surfaces, even on wet tiles that you would normally tread gingerly across. We were told that they will float in water, so if you’re paddle boarding or out at sea and capsize your canoe, these are not going to sink to the bottom of the sea.


While they really do a good job of massaging your foot in all the right places after a long run, the design also makes them usable as all-day sandals. The flip flops we tried are just one of the many styles available, and while the strap designs differ, the sole design is identical across the board. Their low-key styling won’t immediately win over fans at first glance, but the proof is in the use.

The Telic sandal is now retailing at the AGT store in Bukit Panjang Plaza as well as selected stores in Queensway Shopping Centre.


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