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Long ago, back in the dark ages, a ‘sports watch’ was considered a wrist watch. They were most likely digital and featured a built-in multi-function stopwatch. Great for timing your training sessions and comparing split times, but detailed statistics required further pen and paper calculation on your part.


Real-time heart rate monitoring for exercise and training analysis started to gain traction in the late 1990s with the advent of affordable and wearable chest straps, but an even bigger advancement was made with the introduction of GPS navigation into sports watches. As technology raced ahead in the early 21st century, the devices got more compact. Packed with functions like built-in heart rate monitoring, training modes and waterproofing features, their popularity soared.

TT05Now with the ability to sync with your smart phone, upload training data instantly and store music, they are the perfect training companion for people all around the world.

Runners can now have a detailed readout of their training routes, along with accurate speed plus pace readings, all while maintaining real time heart rate measurement and listening to their favourite playlists though Bluetooth headphones. The new compact devices are versatile enough to track all sports, including running, cycling, swimming, gym stations, and more.

There is a reason why GPS Sport watches are so popular around the world, but here are the reasons we don’t run without them:


  1. You’ll always know how far you are running.
    Running along the same route is simple, but don’t you want to mix things up once in a while to stave off boredom? Run the other way, or further down the road. With GPS, you always know exactly where you have ran and how much distance you have covered. TomTom’s Route Exploration allows runners to increase distance confidently and explore new, exciting routes without worrying about finding their way back.
  2. You have instant feedback on how hard your body is working.
    We do not always feel great. Daily life stresses can get to you and affect how you feel. Are you genuinely having an off day or are you imagining it? Built-in heart rate monitoring provides an accurate insight to how hard your heart is working. Knowing your heart rate while running helps to identify if you are under or over exerting yourself. This can greatly affect the quality of your run.
  3.  It helps you stick to a disciplined training regime.
    You know how time flies when you’re having fun and seems to drag when you’re not? It’s the same with running. You could be listening to a really happening track on your earbuds and you start to go faster. But that’s not on your training schedule today! The watch will sense you going over your present training program and sound out a warning to remind you to slow down.
  4. You can track your fitness improvements easily.
    The GPS watch itself presents a top-level summary of your runs. To delve into deeper understanding of your activities, sync your watch to the app. All details of your runs are computed into simple and intuitive overviews. Smart comparisons also allow you to benchmark performance against your personals bests. This useful and personalised feedback helps you to stay motivated and focused towards attaining your fitness goals.
  5. You’ll get to carry your music with you, with no extra equipment.
    The new generation of GPS watches feature Bluetooth connections and plenty of on-board data storage. This mean that you can connect your Bluetooth earbuds to your watch and run to your favourite tunes. No dangling wires or bulky phones. Selected TomTom watches come built-in with 3GB of music storage. That is equivalent to 500 songs! What’s more amazing – they double up as invisible trainers providing audio feedback to motivate and improve your run.


Majority of GPS watches now comes with extended battery life. TomTom watches last up to 11 hours with most monitoring features active. This makes them more convenient to use than ever before. Start using one, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so earlier.


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