The Inside Scoop on U Run All Access Package

We speak to Grace Sim, a running enthusiast and she tells us her race habits and how she gets the most of out of her URAA membership.


U Sport’s U Run All Access is a discounted annual race entry pack that lets package holders run in three events over the year with priority entries and a host of other benefits. If you’ve not heard of this great package yet, you can read about it in our previous entry here.

Meanwhile, we spoke to Grace Sim, a running enthusiast who is convinced of the motivational benefits of the URAA. She tells us about her race habits, and how she gets the most out of her URAA membership.

“I wouldn’t say that I am a real avid runner, but like many others who also run, I like to push my body’s limits in a long race. Running helps to clear my mind and it’s an instant remedy when I'm feeling down,” Grace says.

She initially signed up for her first URAA membership on a challenge from a colleague. “This was back in 2015, and the idea was to get me to commit to a year of running, and finish off with my first marathon at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon of 2015. The benefits of committing to a race schedule worked for me, and at the same time, I enjoyed the flexibility of getting to choose which races I wanted to take part in depending on my fitness level at the time,” she explains.

Furthermore, since URAA holders are allocated guaranteed slots, she did not have to worry about not getting an entry for popular races even if she decided to join days before the closing of registration.

Since purchasing her first URAA credits in 2015, Grace has ran four full marathons and three half marathons, and estimates that she has saved more than $200 on registrations fees to date. That’s before including all the other fringe benefits and advantages of being a URAA package holder.

A self-confessed bargain hunter and ‘kiasu aunty’, she adds that she was disappointed that the URAA rested for a year in 2018. “It led to me signing up for less races and I found it hard to keep fit consistently,” she lamented. “As a result, I gained quite a bit of weight.  I am so glad URAA is back for 2019, and I am definitely looking forward to getting my running mojo and cost savings back!”

Grace believes that besides the obvious cost saving benefits, it's good practice to commit yourself to at least three races a year so that there's the motivation to always have something to work towards throughout the year.

“You could argue that running with groups or on your own is totally free, but it's a different experience altogether when running in an organised race event, as there are limited edition shirts and medals to collect, goodie bags to dig into, and of course race village festivities to enjoy. More importantly, you get to meet new friends and like-minded individuals, like that handsome dude you've been trying to keep pace with for the past 10km. It’s definitely much more fun at an organised event!” Grace finishes.

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