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Start of the Marathon at 2017 Laguna Phuket Marathon

By Jacqueline Wong

As a runner, preparation for any race can be quite a daunting affair. Perhaps I am just one of the few fussy runners where preparation takes more than just lacing up, putting on my bib and taking off. For me, there is a checklist when it comes to pre-and post-race preparations. Stuff like the pick- up, drop off, pre-race carbo-loading to morning breakfast preparation – all these are my basic essentials to ensure I am well prepared for a good race ahead.

Unparalleled Support

For a conscientious runner like me, Laguna Phuket Marathon has definitely hit all the sweet spots. Being strategically hosted within a cove, it has its robust infrastructure and ability to extend unparalleled support to runners. The cove houses more than 10 hotel chains within, spanning over 1000 acres of tropical parkland.

Commuting around can be done with ease through the unlimited use of the shutter services. On race days, shuttle services to the race site start at 3 am with a 5-10 minute frequency in between. For the early risers who need some fuelling up before the race, Angsana Phuket, the hotel where I stayed, opens its doors for breakfast at 3 am as well.

shuttle services

                                                                                        Shuttle services

The Race Experience

It is tough business organising a race, and even more so for a continuing series, as race organisers have a mammoth task of giving runners an experience that is better than the previous event. Now into its twelfth year, with almost 7000 runners this time, there is definitely no sign of a participation slowdown here.

In fact, to manage its growing numbers, the event is now held over two days. This allows more runners to join without putting excess pressure on the course and facilities, giving the runners the best experience on the course.

Phuket has always been the holiday destination of choice in Asia. Unless you decide to take a random drive or uncharted walk on this island, there isn’t a better way to explore the beautiful island through a race of such. On 4th May, marathon runners enjoyed the run through quiet lanes in the North of Phuket, rolling hills, Sirinat National Park and running along Bang Tao beachfront and finally into the grounds of Laguna Phuket, finishing off at Laguna Grove.


Now isn’t this a Land of Smiles and more?

Catch the next sunrise at Laguna on 9th and 10th of June 2018. Laguna Phuket Marathon 2018 is now open for registration. Click for more information.



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