The Next Best Thing: STGR Marathon Virtual Edition

The Green Race shares about the STGR Marathon 2020.


Photos Studio Zag 
Words The Green Race 

How’s 2020 been for you? I can tell you from firsthand experience, that as someone in events, and specifically running events, it’s been tough. Like really tough. Bizarre and at times maddening. Being a race organizer doesn’t put you in unique position to the rest of the population, of course. Everyone has had to endure at best, serious inconvenience, and at worst, death. And it goes on and on and we don’t really know when it’s going to end. This is the truth, and this is how things stand. 

Singapore has proved itself to be exemplary in its handling on Covid-19 on the global stage, alongside Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. Regardless (and perhaps because) of this, we’ve been required to postpone the STGR Marathon twice. First moving the physical event from June to November (we’ll still be hosting a virtual event from November 15th to December 15th), and then moving it to next June of next year. 

While the essence of a traditional mass participation event will have to wait till next year, there are advantages to virtual events. With the option of running STGR any time between November 15th and December 15th, participants can run when it suits them; when they feel ideal, when they’re on one of those days when everything just works. They can compete without having to vie for position against hundreds of competitors at the start line (or compete for restrooms for that matter). There will be great race packs too and medals and leaderboards and prizes are up for grabs too. 

The course has been mapped for the following categories: STGR 21K, 10K, 3K & 1K race routes start at Punggol Park, Singapore.  It’s a unique course that mixes road and trail with participants treated to shaded sections along Coney Island. 

42K and 5K Race can be completed anywhere globally. All other distances must be completed on STGR routes in Singapore. Find out more information and sign up at STGR VR Overview.

We’re not naive to the fact that it’s still not the same as the real thing: the mass participation event. But for now it’s the best we’ve got. This is sort of indicative of how the world is right now; it’s the best we’ve got and really all we can do in the interests of health and safety. Things will return to normal, and we’ve got big plans for when they do. But while they’re not, it’s well worth embracing what we can.


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