The Problem From Down Under

Back Pain 30

by Fiona Lee

A week ago, I shared the experience of attending the ASICS Training Escapade held at the Warehouse Hotel here and mentioned a pre-workout consultation with the specialists from Urban Rehab.

When doing so, I met with professional Senior Specialist, Lisa Gold. I spoke to her about my workout schedule, and we ran through a list of past sports injuries, with problems specifically linked to my lower back.

Runners can commiserate with me when I say that when lower back problems hit, it really affects performance and running ability. The lower back is the area that controls our legs and walking, so any hit to the area can bring us to our knees, sometimes literally. It would be worse if it were a bone problem but even a muscle tear can hurt a lot.

Lisa listened to my problems and then suggested some good workouts that not only helped to strengthen back, but my glut as well.

FYI: These were the workouts she suggested.

Romanian deadlift

SL Bridge

Frog pumps

If you have lower back problems, try these moves out and let me know how you feel about it!
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