The Sony XB510AS Extra Bass Sports


by Champa Ha

Sony has often been known to punch above its weight when it comes to affordable mid-priced earphones, and into the fray comes their latest offering to the market, the XB510AS Extra Bass Sports. The naming convention may be as clunky as ever, but with a waterproof and washable construction these may prove to be handy indeed.

This means that after every sweaty sojourn around the reservoir, or a perspiration-tastic triumph at the marathon, these earphones can just be washed afterwards and you should be fine. Your ears will thank you as much as they can.

We received the earphones from Sony Singapore to review and at S$89 for the retail price, these drop right into the mid-priced accessory range. They are light, easy to carry, but don’t feel so delicate that you would accidentally destroy them when running.

You can choose to purchase between four different colours. (We received the green ones to review). They come with four pairs of swappable earbuds and three pairs of arc supports in different sizes for fit. The earbuds have a one-button remote to control playback. sony02

These earbuds are in line with Sony’s range of Extra Bass products. To me they could be good for those who want a little bit of music in their routine, but are not necessarily looking for amazing sound. The earbuds perform differently for different genres of music.

While it’s generally known that earphones tend to have its own sound signature, these earphones sounded quite varied depending on what you were playing through them. While playing Rammstein, the drumbeats do not thump as greatly as they used to; The Who’s musical breakdown was a little flatter, and the sound on Depeche Mode’s Just Can’t Get Enough left me wanting more.

However, after a run-in time with them, the Sony XB510AS Extra Bass does get a little better when the speaker drivers loosen up and break-in. You also don’t really think about the quality while pushing hard on your running routine. I would conclude that while the audio quality is decent, they would not work for audiophiles.

The wires can get a little tangled up when you’re running but the earbuds are secure in the ears when running and do not fall out. The earbuds keep out a large amount of outside sound which can be a problem if you are running outside, but if you stick to using them inside or in familiar spaces, you should be okay.

The Sony XB510AS Extra Bass Sports earphones are good for the price conscious who are looking for decent sound and durable earphones to work out to, but are not the most innovative of earbuds when compared to its competitors.

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