Using the Jaybird Wireless Vista

A summary of the 5 notable features of the new Jaybird Wireless Vista.


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Jaybird, the Utah Based consumer electronics company - well-known for its line of sport-earbuds, announced its newest pair of fully wireless headphones – the Jaybird Vista.

I was fortunate to get a pair of these fancy earbuds from Jaybird Singapore prior to the official launch date and have been putting them through their paces for over a month now. Here are some notable features about the Vista that really caught my attention:

Sync Speed

It's a delight to mention that Jaybird has significantly improved the sync speed of the earbuds - the user also has the option of connecting straight from the case which only takes about three seconds.

Charging Case

The light and handy matte black case complements the athlete with an active lifestyle. It slings easily to a backpack or race-belt etc. and was even designed with the exact dimensions to fit into the back zip-pocket of marathon shorts!  The neon green inner and magnetic dock also makes storing and charging a breeze. Did I mention it also holds 10 hours of additional battery life on top of the 6 the buds already have?

Sound Quality

Jaybird went with a 6mm driver that evidently delivers a much richer sound quality (especially notable in the mid-range definitions) than its predecessors - and what a huge leap forward that was - the Vista now allows runners to enjoy the same high quality music as most pure-music headphones - while breaking a sweat!

With quality music I'll definitely be running like I stole it!

The audio experience can be further enhanced with the pairing of the earbuds with the official Jaybird phone application. Music junkies can really get into their song of choice and customise their workout tracks according to their personal sound preferences. There are many workout playlists available on the app that can also be customized - courtesy of the recent collaboration between Jaybird and Spotify.

Another worthy point to note would be that even though the earbuds don’t feature noise cancellation, they do a proper job of blocking out most external noise and I never once felt like my music was being interrupted even in crowded areas or commuting on bus or train.

Earbud Fit

True to the Jaybird package, the buds still come with the full set of fin sizes for the user to customize the fit according to his / her needs. The beauty of the Vista however, is in the significant improvements of the shape and fit of the earbuds. By removing extraneous material - the new buds are now way more compact than its predecessor the Run XT, sitting nice and flushed in the ear. The new fit also provides a more secure fit and the fins do a solid job of anchoring them down firmly. Even when I made sudden head movements or took on a full on sprint I didn’t have to worry once about them falling out.


For the athlete looking to integrate music into training - The Vista is truly a dream come true - a one stop solution to all those exercise hassles - free from the clutches of wires, a solid IPX7 rating to brave the elements (water or grit) and offering more flexibility and device compatibility than before. I can now simply download a playlist of my choice to my Garmin Fenix 5 and enjoy quality music during my long rides or runs without the burden of any additional accessories or pouches!

I truly am excited to see what the future holds for sport earbuds. But for now, the Jaybird Vista has definitely set the playing bar high.


Former Water Polo player Yi Heng never liked running, but caught the endurance bug after being introduced to triathlon. He has since gone on to head the Nanyang Technological University Triathlon team as well as compete in many events abroad such as the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and ITU Multi-sport World Cup under the national triathlon squad. 2020 marks his 8th year. The full-time Design Engineer is also one of the founders of the Iron Project charity movement and an active coach for TRIBAL Singapore (@triathlon.singapore), having a strong passion for guiding others towards their triathlon goals.



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