The Strength of a Body

We talk to Gladys, a Body Transformation Trainer and finds out what makes her body tick.


The feminine ideal is redefined every day and no one fits this more than Gladys Leong. The 37-year-old is a Body Transformation Trainer, a mother of three, and loves looking good. She trains hard to maintain her body and feel good every day.

We talk to Gladys and asks her on what makes her body tick, how she works out and her recent participation in the World Beauty Fashion and Fitness Asia Awards in Singapore, a pageant that features the strongest, fittest and most glamorous of contestants.

Q. Hi Gladys, so what constitutes an average day for you?

Gladys: A typical work day starts at 10am for me and ends at around 7pm or 10pm depending on my physical training schedule for the day. My own training will either be done alone in between my lessons or with my teammates. I usually dedicated an hour a day just for weight training.

After work, I will either go back home to accompany my kids and check on their school work, or pick up the kids from home for a meal together.

I normally have leisure time on Wednesdays when I have the day off, or weekends as I have a half-day schedule. On those days, I spend it on activities such as outdoor sports. Cycling and swimming are some of the things I enjoy doing with my loved ones.

Q. How strict are you with the type of foods that you eat?

Gladys: I would say I choose my food carefully when I eat out. Less oil, sugars, dairy and sodium. I do indulge in cheat meals once in a while too when I am not in the competition prep phrase. Moderation is key.

Q. What is your training regime like, and how do you train for and maintain your stamina?

Gladys: My training regime consists of working out one different muscle group a day and cardio training will be either 20 minutes in the day or after my workout, on the stationary bicycle.

Q. What keeps you motivated to look good?

Gladys: I would say it will be my constant reminder to myself to stay in shape as my clients and students take me as their motivator.  I can’t afford to go too out of shape otherwise they will lose their motivation as well.

Q. How did you hear about and take part in the WBFF?

Gladys: I heard about the WBFF long ago via social media and in 2015 I was introduced to it officially when I was in Korea.

I was amazed at how glamorous the competition, competitors and stage was and was extremely happy to hear that WBFF was coming to Singapore.

I followed their videos and updates regularly, and trained for the competition before it happened and signed up for it once registration was open.

Find out more about her with her Instagram handle @gladysl80!


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