Training For The Mile

The start of the Under Armour All Out Mile is fast approaching.


As part of the All Out Mile challenge, I joined an Under Armour training session hosted by Coached. A shoebox was assigned to me once my attendance was taken. Flipping it open, I discovered a fresh pair of Under Armour’s latest running shoe - the HOVR™ Machina 3.

The shoes featured Under Armour’s latest innovations and technologies. As I slipped it on, the Machina 3’s slightly stretchy, engineered warp spacer upper molded to my feet with a sock-like feel. Despite being wide-footed, my toes did not feel constrained and could splay comfortably. With the absence of any seams and overlays in the upper, I was confident that I could put the shoes through many miles without irritation.

The Machina 3’s heel counter showcased an aerodynamic heel design, cupped with an external TPU heel wrap for support and added lockdown. These attributes ensured that my heel fit snugly in the shoes without undue pressure on the achilles tendon. Step-in comfort was superb with the  Machina 3’s molded EVA sockliner providing added resiliency and cushioning.

Alas, the midsole was where the Machina 3 truly shone. The shoe incorporated Under Armour’s dual-density HOVR™ cushioning system that split the midsole into two parts. A firmer unwrapped HOVR™ forefoot provided responsive cushioning specifically for a propulsive toe-off. At the back, the softer wrapped HOVR™ heel delivered a plush, cushioned landing and smooth transition to the midfoot.

The Machina 3’s outsole contained copious amounts of rubber, easily covering the shoe’s entire base. This channeled rubber outsole was specifically mapped for durability in high-wear areas, and flex zones to promote natural foot movement. There was little doubt in my mind that the shoes could easily handle at least 800 kilometres in mileage.

On top of the Machina 3’s physical attributes, the shoes are also Bluetooth-enabled. Yes, you read that right. By connecting to the Under Armour MAPMYRUN™ app, runners can track and analyse their running metrics with real-time guidance from Form Coaching. In other words, the more one trains the shoe, the better a runner one could potentially become.

Training with the HOVR™ Machina 3

The Machina 3 was unexpectedly propulsive despite its weight. Its HOVR™ dual-density midsole simultaneously damped impact and returned energy with every foot strike. Landings felt akin to jumping on a stiff trampoline; not particularly soft but noticeably responsive. The greater the force applied, the more energy the Machina 3 returned. I was impressed.

Run, recover, repeat. Before long, I completed the workout ahead of everyone else. Thanks to the Machina 3’s breathable upper, my feet felt cool and comfortable throughout despite the hot and humid evening.

With the All Out Mile event coming up, I still have a few precious days of preparation. But with the Machina 3 supporting my training mileage and Under Armour’s virtual training program providing guidance, I’m confident that when the competition window opens, I will be ready.

Registration for the All Out Mile is free. Sign up at and connect your runs via the MapMyRun app.


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