U Run All Access: Formula to Success

Aston Peh adopts a regular running routine with the U Run All Access


Recreational runner Aston Peh only got interested in running four years ago, but is now hooked on the healthy habit of attending races and having a regular running routine.

The 55-year-old, who works the permanent night shift, tells us about what motivated him to start exercising, “One day while visiting my father-in-law who had just suffered from stroke, I saw quite a few youngsters in wheelchairs at the hospital. The sight made me consider my lifestyle at the time seriously. I was getting older, but I realised that keeping fit and healthy was now more important than ever so that I would not be at a high risk of falling ill, troubling my family and friends to take care of me.”

Aston considers himself a proper recreational runner, in that he does not run to win races. Running on his days off, twice a week, he is also a Group Leader with the U Sports Running Interest Group that meets once a week.

He initially purchased the annual U Run All Access package as a way to save on the fees of the races that he entered.

“I usually go for the longer distance categories and it typically costs more than $60 per entry. With my U Run All Access package, I get to choose to run in three races per year, at discounted rates and with guaranteed entry. I found it to be cost effective and discovered that I could also join the U Sports Running Interest Group every Wednesday for free,” he says.

As Aston became a more regular runner, he was also chosen to be a Group Leader. Despite meeting up just once a week with the interest group, the URAA has become a great way for him to motivate himself. He says, “Because I have signed up for the races and have entry credits to use, I have to make sure that I train sufficiently in order to make my time and money worthwhile. This indirectly helps me to stay motivated.”

He adds, “I definitely got stronger and faster after joining all the sessions with the U Sports Running Interest Group. The training programme varies, and usually the sessions will get slightly more intense closer to the bigger local races.”

As for his own training routine, he typically aims to run for at least an hour each time he puts on his shoes, and even when he is tired, the goal is to keep moving.

“The mind always gets tired first,” he explains, “I will always tell myself not to give up so easily during a race and always think about the finishing line. One tactic that I use is to look out for the oldest runner on the race track. If they can do it, so can I!”

Get Motivated!

Sign up for U Run All Access and pick up your own annual race motivation package here: http://bit.ly/URAA2019.

For more information, visit: www.usports.com.sg/events/u-run-all-access-2019/

NTUC and nEbO members can score guaranteed entries to three listed races of their choice for an annual fee of just S$159.

Non-members will also enjoy a special rate of S$189 for U Run All Access. If you are not already a member however, the nEbO Max membership is now free with every U Run All Access sign up!


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