Under Armour SpeedForm Velociti


The Under Armour SpeedForm Velociti is a completely new design from the brand, available in both men’s and women’s styles and UA states that it is designed for the fastest of runners. It’s a literal competitive market out there for racing shoes, so does the Velociti live up to its name?

Starting from the inside, the embedded sock liner that is common across at the SpeedForm shoes can be found in the Velociti as well, and if you’ve ever owned a pair of UA shoes before you’ll know the feel of these.

The inners are virtually seamless and smooth enough that you can easily use them without socks if you so desire.

The outsole features a slightly more angular block pattern than we’ve seen in the brand’s other running shoes, but still offer plenty of flex with their alternating, interlocking thread design. The flex zones built onto the outsoles of shoes these days are more than a styling decision. Besides letting your foot move naturally, it also greatly reduces the amount of outsole rubber needed on the shoe, saving a lot of weight.


Made from different materials, the blown rubber forefoot zone is grippy on paved surfaces, and the heel landing zone is built with high-abrasion rubber for long term durability.

We’ve spoken of the Charged Cushioning midsole being too plush for some tastes, but the Velociti has a noticeably different feel from its cousins, the Gemini 3 and Europa. It feels more responsive on the whole, and the 8mm heel drop allows for a speedy, mid and forefoot landing style.

The competition for building the most effective midsole material is as much about marketing as it is about effectiveness these days, and while UA’s early efforts were hit-or-miss affairs that had more to do with the design engineering around the cushioning material than the Charged Foam itself, the current-gen shoes seem to have found the sweet spot.

The UA Velociti for one, has a very stable platform underfoot, upon which the Charged Foam midsole is attached to. Plush shoes may feel nice to walk in, but for racing all they do is soak up your forward momentum, slowing you down. The Velociti balances this well, with enough cushioning for impact absorbtion, but still allows for plenty of road feel on your soles.

The toebox does appear a little narrower than other shoes though, and while there are no visible internal seams, the reinforced toe protection zone can cause a crinkle to develop in the shoe with use. Your mileage may vary depending on your running style though.

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