Understanding the Holistic Running Approach with Runity

Keen to deconstruct your running form? Or to bring your coaching expertise to a higher level of understanding?


In the grand scheme of things, running is supposed to be one of the simplest forms of exercise, consisting of a movement that is naturally ingrained in the human DNA through the course of evolution.

Yet, not everyone can do it efficiently. We’ve had our assessments done at the Runity program and picked up an incredible amount of information on everything from the finer points of posture to learning how to fire the right muscles. When done in a group and with consistency, the results are definitely noticeable.

It’s not just a broad approach, and with mobility assessments and video analysis, many seemingly minor issues can be spotted and corrected.

We’ve realised that everyone has slight idiosyncrasies to their styles too, and Runity does not cramp your personal preferences. While the trainers have proven to be excellent at picking up on points that can be improved and worked on, it’s all based on suggestions rather than instruction.

In other words, you get a full picture of how to be the most efficient you can be for your body type, but it’s up to you to incorporate the various form changes at your own pace. Given how our running has improved since incorporating the principles taught at Runity, we’d say that they do make a major impact, especially if you’re a casual runner who has never had much serious coaching.

Based on positive feedback from participants, the full Runity Conditioning Course (as well as shorter two-hour workshops) will be conducted again later this year for runners that want to delve deeper into the biomechanics of running and muscle movement. The first course that was held in early 2018 was very well received, and with videos, E-learning modules and practical training plus assessment sessions, everything you want to know about how the human form can be optimised for running is available at your fingertips.

Read our previous experiences here and here .

Also check out videos of Jamie Teo’s Runity training session with Daniel Dittmar, Asia’s First Runity Master Trainer, and the result of her running assessment here.

If you’re keen to deconstruct your own running form or want to bring your coaching expertise to a higher level of understanding, check out one of the workshops around Asia or the full two and a half day course itself.

Movement Workshop (2hrs)Date
Shanghai29 June 2018
Guangzhou6 July 2018
Kuala Lumpur10 August 2018
Singapore18 August 2018
28 September 2018
Manila6 October 2018

For Workshop Registration, please click here. 

Full Course (2.5 Days)Date
Singapore26-28 October 2018
Bangkok9-11 November 2018

For Course Registration, please click here .

For other queries, send an email to courses@focuspilates.com.sg.


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