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Team Singapore pole vaulter Rachel Yang relies on Ocean Health supplements to help her stay in top condition. We’ve discussed the benefits of Glucosamine as a supplement for joint health here: It’s a natural compound found in cartilage, designed as nature’s shock absorbers for your bone joints. It’s a finite resource though, and the body cannot regenerate it on its own. For athletes and runners that are suffering from various degrees of joint pain and aches, that’s not a pleasant thing to discover. Many supplement makers do offer glucosamine in their product lines though, and when taken orally, can be useful in treating painful conditions caused by the inflammation, breakdown and eventual loss of cartilage with wear and tear or age. However, the main source of glucosamine from these supplements is usually harvested from shellfish. This is a valid concern for people who are allergic to shellfish, so Singaporean brand Ocean Health has formulated its glucosamine range from corn, which also makes them fully vegetarian products. Ocean Health 2 Ocean Health’s Vegetarian Glucosamine 750+ assists in the production of collagen, proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid, all of which are major components of synovial fluid and the connective tissues in cartilage and joints. It also features additional ingredients that are beneficial for fitness enthusiasts, with a combination of curcumin, MSM, zinc and calcium for effective joint support. These additional ingredients have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are beneficial for fitness enthusiasts continually demand the best from their bodies in training. With the main ingredient being corn-derived glucosamine sulphate, the supplement minimises joint aches, stiffness & crackling while helping to regenerate and repair the connective tissue in cartilage. If you have allergies of any sort or just want your vitamin supplements to be as free from additional ingredients as possible, this will suit you nicely. Certified free from gelatin, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, contaminant residues, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, added sugar, artificial flavors, animal derivatives and preservatives, Vegetarian Glucosamine 750+ contains 750mg of glucosamine sulphate per caplet. The recommended dosage is two caplets daily, and with consistent use, it will help to maintain your joint health for years of pain-free exercise, and for runners with pain in their joints, the supplement will also relieve joint pain so that you can continue with your favourite sporting activities. Purchase online at 


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