Volvic Forest Force 50

The Force is strong still strong with Singapore’s leading trail race, Volvic Force 50.


Singapore's leading trail race is back as an innovative virtual run. Volvic Forest Force 50 is scheduled from 15th October to 21st November with 3 distance categories to offer - 15km/25/km/50km. An innovative new concept of this virtual race to rekindle your racing spirit!

The race’s unique format is set to ignite similar experiences of a physical race. 3 thrilling and challenging trail routes have been designed in the heart of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. The pre-determined routes will take you on a tour de force of trail running in Singapore. It covers new sections of trails including the newly revamped Rail Corridor. 

A new state of art event app will be introduced which allows you to record your run. It has an audio guided navigation system that will give you precise directions of the routes while running and at the same time a GPS tracking system to give you insights of your position throughout the run. Developed in Europe and used in races across the globe, Volvic Forest Force 50 will be the first trail race to use this technology in Singapore.

Feeling up for some competition? You can choose to race against 2 other competitors of your choice who had already completed the run. The app will allow you to select 2 competitors of your preference and give audio updates on whether you are on par or doing better than your 2 chosen competitors throughout the run!

Volvic Forest Force 50 will be the first virtual race to have a hydration station at the start/finish point (offered during selected weekends only). You can expect refreshing Volvic mineral water, nutritional shakes and snacks being made available to all participants! 

Last but not least, participants will receive exclusive entitlements upon completing the race. Here's a brief look into what you will be receiving:

1. Finisher's Medals 

2. Exclusive Compressport Dry Fit Event Tee

3. Exclusive Compressport Drawstring Bag 

4. Exclusive Discounts For Compressport Products Online

5. Exclusive Discounts For HOKA Footwear At Running Lab Outlets 

6. Exclusive Selected Discounts At Running Lab During Race Pack Collection 

7. 1 Complimentary Copy Of Run Singapore Digital Edition 

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