WFH : At Home Workout

Life is almost at a standstill in the recent times. All the more reason for everyone to upkeep our optimum level fitness.


Life can get busy and unfamiliar. We may find ourselves unable to have a consistent proper workout regime. Globally, in this recent strange times, we find ourselves fighting an invincible threat that may compromise our health. As much as we know that we need to stay fit and healthy, it is seemingly critical now to boost our immune system and fight against respiratory viral infection ‘Covid-19’.  In light of the current public health issues, all private fitness chains and gyms have announced the closure of its outlets in accordance with the circuit breaker measures.

Home workout is the way to go for us to continue our fitness and exercise regime and thus, staying away from this airborne disease. Generally, there are several platforms such as online coaching services, YouTube guided and customized workouts, smartphones workout apps, Instagram workout routines as well as Facebook live streaming from trainers and coaches.

Most of the online workouts may require us to have several basic equipment which will not take much space at home such as exercise mat, weighted medicine ball, dumbbells and resistance bands with varying difficulty level.  On the other hand, we may choose to do without equipment by using our own body weight and resistance such as push-ups, planks, crunches, bridging, mountain climber, calf and leg raises and so forth.

Overall, we may choose the workout and setting weekly goals taking into consideration the current fitness status, duration, intensity, volume and rest. By charting our weekly progress, we are able to see our progression and performance as well as our appearance. It is always prudent to seek initial medical check-ups and advice from medical practitioner before we embark on our solo-journey on self-help exercise.

Check out these workout videos for ideas:

Core Strengthening

Plank, Pushups, Bodysaw

Leg Exercises



David is a certified running coach and sports therapist with over 15 years of experience working with running enthusiasts. He is passionate in understanding the uniqueness in every runner and helping all to achieve a healthy and sporting lifestyle. His determination to turn his running experience into information for sharing has led to his most recent work with physically and intellectually challenged athletes in the quest to perform their very best.


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