Why Is Sentosa Popular For Night Runs?

The first ever Sketchers Blacklight Run takes places at Palawan Beach on 29 October.


Words Champa Ha

The first Skechers Blacklight Run will be held on the 29th of October on Palawan Beach, Sentosa. Why is Sentosa so popular with running events that are held after dark, especially non-competitive runs like the Blacklight Run? We have a few ideas:


It’s Far From the Mainland…

You know that feeling you have hankering to run overseas? All the times spent reading RUN Singapore and lingering on the Runaway section, with the beautiful pictures of faraway lands and sunny islands taunting you?

You may not have that coin to travel, but you can pretend for a day that you have travelled to an island for a beach run. The night itself transforms Sentosa into a popular night spot, which is why it is popular with young people.

An event such as the Blacklight Run will serve as the night party-esque event on an island getaway where you can forget your troubles for a day.


…and yet easily accessible

Have you had that problem trying to get home after doing a long night run and yet having absolutely no idea how to get home because the run was held in a very inaccessible place?

Parking is hard to findand sometimes costly. Public transport is either too far away or their operating hours are over by the time you are done with the run and the after party. Uber, Grab and Taxis are available but that moment trying to describe to the driver that you are presently located, ‘Near that tree opposite the lake somewhere in Punggol,’ is a task only to be undertaken if you were Google Maps.

Sentosa is popular precisely because it is a popular tourist destination. Bus services are available, and it isn’t hard to get a taxi from the island itself to get home. It is walkable to the nearest MRT station, which hosts both the Circle and the North-East line.

If you choose to stay late to join in the festivities, you can always pool together for a Grab or an Uber to get home safely afterwards!


Family Friendly

Sentosa is the resort for all to enjoy, and with many facilities offered, parents can bring their children to enjoy any event there, with amenities fitted out to maximise the family experience.

With the multitude of family restaurants and shops that cater to small children, the entire family can enjoy themselves for a fun day in the island and even making it a stay-cation for the weekend, reserving a spot in one of the affordable family hotels.

The Blacklight run is an experience that can be enjoyed by people of any age, from the 5-year-old who loves bright, shiny colours to the 40 year-old who wants to keep fit alongside the whole family.  Because it is designed to be a non-competitive run, there is no compulsion to run ahead of others and you can run and be fit with the family in good clean fun!



Running may be a popular sport in Singapore, but let’s face it, with our climate, our hot and sticky bodies are an inevitability. A normal run in the day time usually leaves the runners tired and sticky, with no place to take a shower afterwards.

Night runs help because unless you wish to go partying after the run is over, the timing makes it easy for you to go straight home, shower and sleep.

However, sometimes you might have to attend another event afterwards, and the patent UV Glow Powder the organisers would throw on you splattered all over your body would not be appropriate for that occasion.

Solution: Shower facilities are in abundance near the beaches! You can duck into the shower stalls, stash your glow powder covered white shirt to preserve it, and change your clothes.

Alternatively, soothe your muscles with the water pressure provided in the stalls and even massage a bit of shampoo into your sweaty hair to get the smell of salt out of your skin.



The Skechers Blacklight Run is ultimately a night party! Don’t worry about your timing or sweating horribly in the afterglow of the event, or even if you don’t look like a conventional athlete.

The Blacklight Run is ultimately a time for celebration and a time for party, and in an island like Sentosa, you will not be restricted by neighbours trying to get to sleep.

Make as much noise as you want, dance the night away, as DJs like international star DJ Automatic and local stars like Jade Rasif, Reiko Zhang and Red pump out quality tunes to make your heart race, toss your head to the beat, and send your passions arising.

Registration for the Skechers Blacklight Run is still available, so it’s not too late to get your tickets! Go to http://bit.ly/blkl1ght to get your tickets now!


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