With New Balance, You’ll Never Run Alone


Running has been mostly known as a solitary sport – you lace up your shoes grab your music player and off you go. Although true in some cases, running with a partner or in communities have been proven useful, with positive and motivational benefits to runners of all levels making it more enjoyable. Understanding the importance of a community like such, the New Balance Running Club has bounded to the shore of Singapore, providing a platform that connects with the people of tomorrow, by putting their bodies in motion.

A key tool for growth in running is to understand and speak to other runners about runs. Whether in search of tips or sharing sessions, your non-running friend won’t be interested in how many miles you clocked much less the detail of it. With the New Balance Running Club, you’ll be able to meet new friends, share your tips and go for runs together.


Open to runners of all ages and abilities, the idea of the New Balance Running Club is more than just creating events for like-minded runners. As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is a success.” To have support from people that understand the challenges associated with running will greatly aid the difficult moments and elevate the good times, and the New Balance Running Club understands that importance of a bond.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, this social experience offers general runners a fun and enjoyable get together after a long day’s work, while advanced runners can look to push their limits, up their performance and better their timings.

Currently working with ex-National Athlete, Coach Loh Guo Pei, to host bi-weekly sessions starting at the Kallang Wave Mall, the New Balance Running Club offers runners a dynamic workout – with drills and variable distance runs that start from 4km up to 7km in each session. This is mixed with circuit training to help you get leaner, boost your endurance and improve stamina.


Novice runners, don’t be intimidated. You are welcome to go as quickly or as slowly as you need to. It’s not a time trial, but a fitness journey experience. The scenic and breezy running route winds around the Kallang Basin, and you get to choose how far you want to go by turning around at the individual distance markers set along the course.


All sessions are free of charge. Just visit the website, register yourself to ensure that there’s a spot for you and that the sessions are not oversubscribed.


To find out more about the New Balance Running Club and what’s planned for the individual sessions, visit the online portal at http://newbalance.com.sg/nbrc.html

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