Yoma Yangon Marathon: A mix of urban and rustic charm

The sixth running of the annual Yoma Yangon International Marathon took place on 21st January 2018. There nothing more exciting than going to experience overseas running. Just standing in the queue and seeing like-minded people eagerly waiting to collect their bibs further spice up the entire experience. The race entry pack collection (REPC) was simple, coordinated and every crew knew their tasks on hand. Of course, efficiency is the order of the day. Both the REPC and race were organised within the compounds of the Thuwunna Indoor stadium. It was a cool 21o C and a pleasant weather for a long run. Like at most international races, the elite Kenyan runners were out at the front and seeing their scorching pace in person is always awe-inspiring. It sums up why they are the best in the business of running. I could only stand in admiration when seeing the Kenyan athletes strut to the start line and wait for the gun to go off. They slip effortlessly with ease into the pre-dawn darkness, drawing cheers from the bystanders. David Shum 2 Yangon Intl Marathon 2018 The full marathon started on the dot at 5:00 am with a thunderous of applause from supporters and runners alike. This was followed closely at 5:30 am for the 21km, 10km Challenge and 3km fun run at 6:45 am and 7:30 am respectively. David Shum 3 Yangon Intl Marathon 2018 Most of the course route was flat, though there were many gradual gradients that stretched for many kilometres. It was also peppered with some acute turns. The route gave international runners a window into the way of life here in Yangon on a Sunday morning. Some spectators were seen cheering and enjoying the race as much as the runners did. The 21km route offers a rare sight of the majestic Shwedagon temple emerging as the runner run along an extended gradient.  The route also passed by the Inya lake and Aung San Suu Kyi residence. Overall, this event embraced the fun, and hospitality of Myanmar and offer a pleasant mixture of urban and rustic sight of the country richness. Find out more here:  yomayangonmarathon.com


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