Your Abs Will Thank You Later

RUNSG attended an exclusive ASICS Training Escapade, an women's-only overnight training camp, led by Australian trainer Tanya Poppett.


Words Fiona Lee

So, last weekend I had a great session at the exclusive ASICS Training Escapade, led by Australian trainer Tanya Poppett.

The women’s-only overnight training camp was something I was excited for. However, it was also a little nerve wracking before I got there. Despite the fact that I had scoured the training program up and down, I reached the Warehouse Hotel with absolute no idea of what I was about to face.

The beginning started smoothly enough. My fellow participants were wonderful women of a variety of ages, all with diverse backgrounds. Over a great lunch at Po, the in-house culinary restaurant at the Warehouse Hotel, we took the opportunity to warm up to each other.

Before the whole training began, we were each screened in our private physiotherapy session, organised by Urban Rehab. The screening was customised for each one of us and the trained specialists helped to explain details that may have been confusing to us. I took the opportunity to talk to my consultant, a senior specialist known as Lisa, about my problems with my lower back when training. She gave me a few tips with regards to that, and we were on our way to warm up and get ready for the first event.

“I mean, it’s only the first workout, right?’ I thought as we were getting ready for the workout, all warmed up. “They’ll probably start us out easy, then get to the difficult stuff later. What could possibly go wrong?”

I was wrong. I was so wrong.


The warm up was a KILLER. And this was just Workout 1!

The workouts were designed to be highly intensive and I can guarantee you that you will sweat buckets just attempting these moves!

Each workout lasted for approximately 40 minutes with another 20 minutes of resting time.

These highly intensive exercises are devised to activate your core muscles and your power movements in agility, all while keeping your heart rate pumped up for the entire session. They can also be done at home.

Leading instructor Tanya demonstrated every move smoothly, making sure that all the participants knew what they were doing. With our partners and in teams, despite the fact that some of us were strangers to others, our guards were broken, along with our understanding of what our limits were.

We all cheered each other on, pushing our partners and friends to keep their heart rate pumping by going all the way in the workout and not stopping. The only thing that mattered was completing the challenge and burning past the pain.

We ended for the day, as we ventured to a dinner prepared by great cordon bleu chef Angela May. I quickly learned that a meal may be classed as low-carb, but it’ll still fill you up nicely.


The next day, we had a simple breakfast at the hotel's restaurant before heading out for a short run and training session. Day Two was not looking to keep us down and neither were the workouts.


We did not manage to try the full workout because at some point, it had started drizzling and we had to take a break to find shelter from the rain.

There was no let-up though, as we head back to the hotel for the final session of the training camp.

The last workout was much more intensive than the rest as it was designed as a fully explosive session.

The idea: keep going and remember that your limits could be broken. We worked hand in hand with our partners to coordinate the many functional movements.

What I like about this staycation event was that Tanya displayed so much passion in what she taught and motivated us to go stronger. She is a clear example of the phrase, “When the tough gets tougher, you have to keep on going.”

The venue of the Warehouse Hotel was an unorthodox but great place to host the ASICS Training Escapade. It’s a unique experience, and here’s hoping that they continue this annually.

Thank you ASICS, Tanya and everyone else that managed to make this weekend a tiring, but amazing one!



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