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Take part in UA's #ThroughThisTogether SG Challenge as part of Global Running Day this year.


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This year’s Global Running Day (on 3 June) will be different from all the other years because of the COVID-19 situation that we are in. Instead of being able to go out for a run with friends, attend a mass running event or take part in a race, social distancing has meant only being able to get solo runs in. Regardless, we should still be grateful for any opportunity to run, even if it means having to do it by ourselves.

To celebrate Global Running Day 2020, Under Armour Singapore launched
#ThroughThisTogether SG Challenge to clock the most steps as possible before 3 June.

Open only to those residing in Singapore, download the UA MapMyRun app and set up a profile. Under 'Find Friends', search for 'Sebastian Cheong' or ‘Natalie Dau’ and be invited to join the #ThroughThisTogether SG Challenge.

This challenge helps you to stay connected with the community, through virtual running, and also helps with motivation. You can interact with other runners through the app or even make new friends. (More inspiration here.)

To get started, just clock steps in the form of a run, a walk or even with a home workout. It is recommended that you do this with a pair of HOVR Connected shoes. Winners will be finalised and announced by 3 June on Global Running Day! Ensure that your workout activities in MapMyRun are visible, that your stats are accurate and that there are no double records.

As a tribute to Global Running Day, UA released Run Anywhere, a running collection which has the word “RUN” prominently designed on these apparels – tank top, crop top, shorts for ladies; tshirt and shorts for men.

And ladies who are looking to match your new running apparel with a pair of new shoes, there is a limited edition Iridescent collection for some of the most popular women’s footwear. Specifically, the UA Forge 96 HL, UA HOVR Phantom/SE HL, UA Charged Breathe and UA HOVR STRT PRL now come in the Iridescent colourway.

The Run Anywhere collection and the Iridescent Amp Pack are now available at www.underarmour.com.sg.


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