What kind of EPIC Bottle series are you?


What kind of EPIC Bottle series are you? Take this quiz to find out!


Firstly: Are you aware of the importance of water?

A: Yes.

B: I am consciously making sure that the water I drink is good for me.

C: I hydrate all the time because I am so active outside.

D: Everyone needs access to water, even in third world countries.



How environmentally conscious are you?

A: I’m pretty environmentally friendly

B: I make sure I buy durable items to last me years

C: I always take my bottle with me so I don’t need to buy it when I run

D: Pollutants are tainting our waters, we need to clean our oceans and reservoirs.


How often do you play sports?

A: I run regularly once a week.

B: I work out twice a week, 2 hours a day.

C: I love cycling all night and all day.

D: I travel the world just to try and play new sports.

1 (1)

Are you comfortable with the wind in your hair?

A: I’m pretty good.

B: I love it.

C: I make the wind when I run hard.



If you could choose to run anywhere in the world for the best results, where would you go?

A: McRitchie Reservoir, Singapore

B: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong B

C: Olympic Sports Stadium, Rio

D: The Gobi Desert.

If you’ve answered:

Mostly A’s

You need

EPIC Tritan Clear Series


You’re conscious about your health and you want to make sure you’re responsible for your body and soul. With the EPIC Tritan Clear Series, go for the classic look to be transparent about what you are doing and drinking to show that you are responsible.
Mostly B’s

You need

EPIC Metal Bottle Series

You’re tough and you love a challenge, but want to look great while doing it. You want your belongings to be as durable as you, while still keeping yourself stylish. Made of medical-grade stainless steel, the EPIC Metal Bottle series keeps you looking great while not making a single dent on the matte metal finish or your lifestyle.

Mostly C’s

You need
EPIC Sports Series


You’re sporty and workout a lot, and you like sports that make you work out while exploring the outside world! With the EPIC Sports Bottle Series, you can attach your bottle to your bicycle cage and cycle your day away!

Mostly D’s

You need

EPIC Ultimate Travel Bottle

Travel Bottle

You’re an adventurer! You want to travel all over the world and help others understand the importance of clean water. The EPIC Ultimate Travel Bottle is the best choice for you because while you are out there traveling in unknown aspects, you would want the water you are consuming to be safe.

All these bottles are available at the RUN Shop, so shop today!

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