5 Podcasts You Should Listen To When You Run

Interested in getting some alternate audio when you're running around the park? We've got you covered.


Words Champa Ha

Here are a few of the podcasts we are listening to right now:



Based on the format popularised by This American Life and Serial, S-town is the real-life story of an investigation into a cold case turned into a character study of one man, as narrated by journalist Brian Reed.

It captures a small town, Woodstock, and the story focuses on the journalist and his friendship with his interview subject, a man called John B McLemore, who calls him into Woodstock to investigate a possible murder and cover up. However, by episode 2, the entire situation changes, and so does the podcast.

The podcast is best for runners who run long distances for what seems like hours, because all 7 episodes are up, to satisfy the binge-listener in all of us.



If you are a fan of fictional podcasts that have an air of mystery, urban legends, and investigative journalism, then you will like RABBITS.

It’s a podcast that delves into the narrator’s efforts into finding out what happened to her best friend Yumiko, all while the myth of a mysterious game known as RABBITS loom over their heads.

It’s best heard on quiet, lonely, cloudy mornings when the ground is wet from the earlier night’s rain and you are the only one around to listen and chase the rabbit of enigma.

Within The Wires


Do you need a podcast to cool down to after a sweaty run? Well, here’s something that you should listen to when you are about to start your meditation/cool down stretching.

The Sci-Fi podcast is unique in that the premise is a series of audio-relaxation guides that help the intended listener to relax and remain calm while in a sterile and cold Institution, but the unsettling plot is quietly unravelled and revealed to the listeners through all 10 episodes.

Great for days after a run when you want to cool down and stretch languidly, but not completely switch your brain off from all activity.

Adam Ruins Everything


If you are a social media addict, you would have heard of College Humour, and as such, possibly encountered Adam Conover.

The man with the distinctive blonde pompadour, round glasses and suit is the host of the informative comedy show Adam Ruins Everything, and he presents pre-conceived beliefs of things we believe in and why what we believe in is wrong. On the TV show, he brings in experts to prove his case, along with sources that you can read up online to make your own conclusions.

On this podcast, Adam brings the experts in to talk more about their area of specialty, things that they cannot cover on the television show itself due to limited time, and this is the place where the facts and studies begin to shine.

On days when you want to keep your brain ticking during a run, this podcast might be the one for you.

Marathon Training Academy


How are we a running magazine if we don’t recommend a podcast that has anything to do with running? Our current fave running dedicated podcast is the Marathon Training Academy, where two runners talk about all aspects of running.

The conversations range from discussing recovery times after running ultras, sleep, and even the use of the treadmill for training. Often, they also do interviews with other fellow marathon runners and they talk about all aspects of training and their own journeys.

The hosts themselves are devoted runners who have taken part in a large range of runners so you know that they will ask and pinpoint the questions you want to know about running. Best listened when you are at work, at home, in the car, any time period before you go out for that training to run hard.

You can listen to any of these podcasts through iTunes, Stitcher, or any other podcast listening app of your choice.


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