adidas 4DFWD Pulse: 3 Highlights We Love

The sneaker that does it all. 3 reasons why we’ll reach for the adidas 4DFWD Pulse.


Photos: Jonathan Tan

All that swagger in the adidas 4DFWD, with a full 3D printed midsole was backed up by a unique performance derived from years of athlete data, design innovations and the best of 3D printed technology. We like the shoe, and you can read all about how we felt about the comfort, support and experience of running in it here in this 4DFWD review.

Access to the 4DFWD might have been exclusive when it was unveiled in May, but it is now available through its various sales channels online and in stores. Along with a new signal green colourway, adidas has again built on that experience to give consumers another unique 4DFWD experience. This time, smart design, classic materials and the latest 4DFWD innovations have been stylishly remixed into a shoe it dubs the 4DFWD Pulse. And here are 3 reasons why the shoe you see here has got our nod of approval.

1. Stylishly Bold

That contrast of signal green accents and black is immediately eyecatching, both on a day out in town or while running. Helped in part by the reflective green elements, the shoe is literally striking, especially while clocking in that early morning/night run.

The triple-layer mesh upper doesn’t only give the shoe a structured, confident silhouette, but comes together with a snakeskin effect for an added dash of style. Factor in the manner in which adidas’ designers have created a midsole that blends performance EVA with the 3D-printed 4DFWD angled under the heel, and you get a shoe that’s packed full of tech and panache to fulfill that fitness target.

2. Snug Comfort

The original 4DFWD featured a primeknit bootie upper that ran a little bit bigger, but the 4DFWD Pulse features a regular lacing system that sees it fit true to size.

Most notably, the triple-layer mesh upper has been made with Primegreen, which is adidas-speak for the fact that the majority of the upper has been manufactured with recycled plastic. Where it matters, the shoe is comfortably snug with a high heel tab and mesh upper securely wrapping the foot with just about of support.  

Unlike the cushioned underfoot feel of the 4DFWD, the 4DFWD Pulse feels a little more natural when worn underfoot. Think of this as a comfortable everday trainer that offers just enough structure for stability with each footfall, with the right balance of being neither too hard nor too soft

3. Balanced Performance

We like how fuss-free the 4DFWD Pulse feels when worn for a run. While we enjoyed it best for casual runs at an easy pace, the overall ride in the shoe offers a blend of comfort and stability.

Particularly, the angled 4DFWD heel evenly distributes impact distribution across the foot so it feels more reactive, and noticeably quicker on the rebound (especially for heel-strikers). The stiffness and structure from the EVA midsole enables more flowy heel transitions that combine with a grippy outsole for a very response running experience. Yet, it’s very versatile. Dial up the tempo, and the shoe will happily match your pace. Keep it easy and it’ll happily accompany you along the journey. It’s as easy as you’d want a shoe to feel, and as aggressive as you’re willing to push yourself to be.

The last word? It’s an ideal balance of the latest in material science, with adidas’ future defining 4DFWD tech balanced with everything you’d love in a traditional foam midsole. We love it best for easy running so you can just relax and enjoy the wind in your hair without having to bother about things like speed or pace.

The adidas 4DFWD Pulse retails for $240 at select adidas Performance stores, via the adidas app and on


An avid sportsman, Jonathan is focused on living in the moment, finding balance and putting in the effort as he strives to achieve his next personal best 10km. In between work and life, he can be found somewhere along the trails mountain biking. Follow his urban adventures on Instagram @gobstoppa.



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