Andrew Chan says Fitness Training is a Key Pillar to Staying Motivated at his Work

Training times are Andrew’s way of spending some time on his own, helping him to recharge between busy working engagements.


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The brain and face of a HR recruitment firm established in 2012, Andrew Chan is a man who has constantly on the move, travelling frequently for work. There’s probably no typical workday for me,” he says. “ I can pretty much work from anywhere, as long as I have my phone and laptop with me. With three offices in varying cities to run, speaking at events, and a new start-up in development, I’m engaged on all fronts at the moment, but exercise helps to keep me sane!”

He makes it a point to be on a lookout for hotels that have gym facilities whenever he is abroad, and favours a mix of weight training in the gym and cardio exercises consisting of outdoors running and swimming up to five times a week.

He adds, “Nowadays, I enter around five triathlons and running events in a year. They help me with goal-setting and give me the incentive to remain in shape. I normally workout three times a week in the gym and add two cardio workouts like running, with a rest day every second day. I find the best way in beating jetlag is often a good workout straight after arriving at my destination and then I’m good to go. Since I do like my occasional junk meal, I’m probably not as strict on my eating habits as I should be. In addition, entertainment plays a big part in my line of work, so it’s often hard to avoid alcohol, but not that I even try!”

Busy executives often bemoan the lack of time for exercise in their lives, but Andrew reveals that he manages to maintain an exercise and training regime by developing a daily routine that incorporates exercising into it. If you like what you are doing it eventually becomes a habit, and training times are also Andrew’s way of spending some time on his own, helping him to recharge between busy working engagements. “In my case, my workouts don’t normally exceed 60 minutes; this has helped ensure that I don’t take up too much time but also allows me to squeeze in pockets of time to exercise, so there are really no excuses! I don’t follow much of a diet, but I do make sure I eat a lot of fruits and drink lots of water to keep my health in check.”


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