Celebrating the ASICS Tiger Brand Day

Re-introduced in 2015, the ASICS Tiger brand has become increasingly associated with a sports fashion lifestyle.


Words Champa Ha

The ASICS Tiger sub-brand is not the most recognisable brand of shoes when compared to the ASICS and the Onitsuka Tiger range, but they have been around since the late 1980s when they released their GEL-LYTE series of running shoes. Since reintroducing the ASICS Tiger brand in 2015, the shoe brand has been a popular name amongst sneaker collectors (sneakerheads), and has become more associated with a sports fashion lifestyle.

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On their brand day at the Red Dot Museum, the brand showcased their newest collection of shoes and products from the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collection of 2017.

These included classics like the GEL-LYTE III and GEL-LYTE V, and newer styles such as the GEL-RESPECTOR and GEL-MAI, and the GEL-LYTE KOMACHI, a new model of shoes dedicated towards women only.

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The highlight of the event was the feature of the GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT, which is a newer update of the older GEL-KAYANO, as released back in 1993.  Featuring a low and mid-top stretch knit  made to meld into the shape of the foot easier and offer more support to the ankle, the shoes were clearly unusual and stood out amongst the more conventional sneaker styles that were featured.

There was also an archive of shoes on display, featured back in 2015 for the GEL-LYTE III 25TH Anniversary collaboration to show the media past editions, especially for the sneakerheads who wanted a chance to look at older models shoes that were made especially for the 25th anniversary.

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To showcase its lifestyle and fashion brand to full effect, six Singaporean influencers and content creators were chosen to model different ASICS Tiger shoes in order to showcase the full extent and look of the shoes, set in the city to push forth the fashion-forward image of urban futurism. The photos were printed and presented in a small gallery at the corner of the event venue, where people could go to see just how ASICS Tiger represented the motivations of the artists while at the same time presented them as the future, where youth and creativity were key.

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The end of the event was highlighted by the results of the ASICS Tiger Sneaker battle, which was a photograph-voting contest to determine who took the best photo to feature the ASICS Tiger shoes at their finest. The winner, who went by the handle @29th_ave, won two pairs of sneakers from ASICS Tiger, and limited edition commemorative magnets.


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