Challenge Accepted- Swissôtel Vertical Marathon 2017

Are you game for a challenge up the 73 storeys Swissotel building?


The challenge the Swissôtel building in City Hall hooks in a certain type of athlete. At 73 floors and totalling 1,336 steps, the building poses as the ivory tower people would want to climb and champion over, so it holds a mystique similar to Mt Everest. That is if Mt Everest were a smaller, cylindrical building.

The building is the site of the Swissôtel Vertical Marathon, one of the most challenging races amongst the top 11 coolest themed runs in the world. It joins other prestigious tower races selected for the Towerrunning Tour, which includes other skyscraper races in the world like the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, Sydney Tower in Australia and Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.

With such an honour bestowed on the vertical race, the Swissôtel Vertical Marathon defends itself as the premium vertical stair challenge you can choose to undertake in Singapore.

Participants can choose to join the challenge in either as an individual or as a team of two in the Buddies and Besties Challenge, where members of the teams can be of any gender to run up the stairs of Swissôtel together. The individual category this year is open for competitive and non-competitive runners and separated in a few segments as organized by age group, which allows for fairer assessment of abilities.

A new category for those who want to do the event but unsure if they can do all 73 floors is the Vertical Half Marathon. Starting from floor 42, runners can do half the distance so that they will be able to climb up the floors and still see the sunrise, but at the level they can do.

The event will take place at 6.30 in the morning, which means that you will be able to reach the top with the absolute satisfaction of having reached the top of the hotel and the finishing line, which will be held at the helipad usually only accessible by higher paying clients. Being literally on top of the challenge will reap fulfilling awards, which would include not just the satisfaction of a job well done, but also the view of the city that is about to wake up to another day.

To sign up for the race, please register at


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