Marathon Aftercare is Lush-ly Decadent

Pamper yourself post-race with something more luxurious and soothing


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The race is over and you’re exhausted, sweaty and filled with grime. All you want to do is to take a quick shower and clean off all the grime. Would you settle for ordinary soap and shampoo, or would you rather splurge on something a little more luxurious and soothing for all the senses?

Lush recently had an exclusive event to showcase their upcoming products, letting us have a go to try some of their exclusive, handmade bath and shower essentials. Made out of fair trade, organic ingredients, these products are great for the tired runner still jittery from that adrenaline high.


Shoot for The Stars Bath Bomb

For those who love the exhilaration and excitement of the race, but almost regret the aches and pains the act of running comes with, a relaxing bath may be the thing to ease the strained muscles. For this, the Shoot for The Stars bath bomb will come in handy for this situation.

The blue ballistics is made with Brazilian orange and bergamot oils that are known to soothe and relax the body, while the stars are made with cocoa butter and olive oil known to make your skin smoother and more nourished. As you relax in the bath, let the oils uplift your mood and relieve your pain, while at the same time ridding yourself of the sweat of your exertions.


Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub

America has a wonderful chocolate treat known as the Peppermint Bark, which is when you mix chocolate with shards of candy cane pieces and broken into pieces for consumption. Now can you imagine having this sweet treat scrubbed all over your body? We certainly can, with this Salt and Peppermint Bark body scrub.

Sniff the bar and you are filled with the heady scents of salted chocolate and minty chocolate. The solid scrub bar is made with salt to help scrub the grime off, while the cocao and capuacu butters within the bar helps to soften the skin up. Peppermint is added to leave a minty refreshing feel when you rinse off, and you will keep smelling yourself to see if the delicious smell is you. Spoiler: It is.


Snow Fairy

Snow fairies work better if they appear in pairs, and these two products appear to work together in tandem.

If you just want a quick shower, the Snow Fairy shower gel adds a quick burst of yum to your skin, gently cleansing and giving you that irresistible candyfloss scent that will make you feel and smell better after a workout.

If you want a bit more of a luxurious feel to your skin, the Snow Fairy body conditioner is great for getting that soft skin that’s sweet as anything, filled with vanilla and bubble-gum.


Sugar Plum Fairy

When you’ve gone overseas for great runs, not everyone can acclimatise to the weather quickly, especially when you are running for a race in a country with a colder climate than ours. If you include the amount of time spent travelling in a stale, dry environment (the plane ride) and handling time zone changes, your face and your lips will feel scratchy and parched.

You can easily change your skin care routine, but lips are a slightly different situation, which is why you will be happy with Lush’s holiday themed lip scrub Sugar Plum Fairy.

The organic jojoba oil will help to nourish and moisturise your lips while the caster sugar is added to not only scrubs the dry skin away, but draws moisture and regenerate skin faster. The sweet scent of natural orange oil is mixed with the scents of blackcurrant and will transport you to fireplaces and lovely warm pudding eaten with ice cream.

Lush will be releasing these products store-wide all over the island on the 1st October, so if you like the look of any of these items to stock up, or you are curious about other stocks, get yourself down to Lush to find out more!


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