Understanding The Body: Maintaining Sports Performance with Age.

Humans lose a significant amount of muscle mass after the age 40. Ensure® helps strengthen muscles as you age so consumers can live a fuller life not limited by a lack of strength.


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Skeletal muscles account for about 30 - 50% of our body weight and plays an important role in strength, movement and balance. After age 40, the human body starts to lose up to 8% of muscle mass every decade up to 70 years and this reduction in muscles can lead to a whole range of issues such as impaired mobility, increased risk of falls, physical and mental fatigue and a loss of independence. Especially for endurance athletes such as runners, cyclists and triathletes where the need for muscular endurance and strength is high - this loss of muscle usually translates to a significant drop in performance on race day or an inability to maintain consistency with usual training volumes or intensity.

Building up muscle mass through diet and exercise can help older adults to retain their mobility, strength, energy levels, and independence as they age. A high-protein, well-balanced diet plays an essential role in ensuring that the recommended daily intake of nutrients is met. As the World’s number one oral nutritional supplement, the Ensure® family of products are all scientifically designed to provide a complete, balanced nutrition to help older adults live strong, lead an active lifestyle and continue doing the things they love. Ensure® has high-quality protein that supports to muscle tissue building and growth. With the goal of keeping our body active and strong, the following two Ensure products can be used as a supplement to support and counter the inevitable degenerative process that comes with age.

The first product – Ensure® Gold - is one of the latest scientifically designed formulations. Available in 4 x 237ml ready-to-drink bottles for you to get your strength on the go, Ensure® Gold contains 34 nutrients including high-quality protein, Vitamin D and Calcium and is enhanced with a unique nutrient known as HMB (hydroxy – methyl-butyrate). HMB is a metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine. It is found naturally in small amounts in some foods and in the body but level in the body may decline with age.

Another good source of protein is the all new Ensure® Max Protein nutrition shake that packs 30 grams of high-quality protein in each 330 ml bottle. Each serving has only 1g sugar, contains 25 vitamins and minerals and provides 40% of the daily protein requirements for adults above the age of 18.

With 45 years of scientific evidence from more than 30 clinical studies, Ensure® helps to strengthen nutritional foundation so consumers can live a fuller life not limited by a lack of strength.


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